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41st Birthday- First Parentless Birthday

Insta-share. Real talk live a few moments after I recognize this year is my first birthday without either of my parents as they are both dead…….

Grief is messy.

4 thoughts on “41st Birthday- First Parentless Birthday

  1. Happy birthday Melissa 🎂 and really sorry to hear about your parents not in this world anymore. But they are in your memories and they live through you to the rest of the world. ❤

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  2. Happy Birthday, Sweetness. I can’t imagine it’s easy, especially with all that built up grief and stress in the world around us. Some of it is too fresh, too raw. All I can do is send you loads of virtual hugs, and an ear that hears. Loves ya!

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    1. Thank you so much! I will take all the love!!


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