Ambivert, Omnivert, Empath?

We at the Reinvention Household have had a hectic and emotionally charged few weeks. A mix of over-scheduling, a smattering of school and extracurricular events, a visit from extended family, the two month anniversary of my dad dying, the birthday of my dead brother. In addition to regular life stuff.  I have found myself feeling exhausted and empty. As if I have been drained by an emotionally needy vampire.

The older I get the less I crave the non-stop action packed, balls to the wall excitement of my younger years. The more I relish the quiet moments at home with nothing pressing on the agenda. I enjoy social outings and events. I don’t have crowd anxiety or any aversion to the loud and bright sounds, sights and smells of the frenetic world at large. I just recognize that now I need, I need, as in non-negotiable, need time to break away and recharge my soul. Not only do I recognize the need. I now accept and respect my need requirement as a form of self-care. This fairly new self-insight begs the question: Have I always had this need and lacked the ability to understand myself? Or, is this need a development of my personal growth? Does that even matter?

Several years ago I became exposed to the idea of certain types of people as Empaths or Highly Sensitive People. As I read the describing information I immediately felt I was reading and learning more about my inner self. Traits and behaviors I didn’t quite understand seemed to click with clarity. “Aha, this is partially why I am who I am.” Prior to my discovery I strongly disliked and attempted to stifle my empath side. I hated feeling so affected so often but I didn’t know what those feelings meant about me. Learning about empath traits allowed me to also learn how to balance, set boundaries and enjoy my inner sense. As long as I take the time to treat myself correctly I find being sensitive is tremendously helpful in connecting with others and really soaking up all the world has to offer.

My recent demand of a low-key time out style weekend got me pondering….. Am I not an extrovert anymore? Once, I considered myself to be highly extroverted. I loved social engagements, people and felt buoyed and energized by the interactions. But now, that is not always the case. What, I wondered, was happening with me? So I did a little google research and discovered the terms Ambivert and Omnivert. And thought, huh, well, interesting. Now, to clarify. Some definitions indicate the terms may be used interchangeably while others stipulate that Omniverts can be more introverted in situations they do not care about and Ambiverts can flex to environments. Other descriptions imply the terms are total nonsense because as human beings we all exist on a continuum of personality traits. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Here’s a little personality quiz if you’re into silly fun like that:

Personally, I think all this digging gave me a better understanding of who I have evolved into and how to better meet my needs. And…..this is a big one: Self-acceptance. I relinquish suffering from FOMO or guilt of saying “no thank you” to the endless stream of invite opportunities. I have gotten much better avoiding chronic over-scheduling.

I identify strongly as am Empath. Though I am still a little lost on exactly who I am- Ambivert or Omnivert? I understand that I don’t require a bunch of labels to practice good self-care and give myself the power of meeting my needs. I am prioritizing taking care of myself regardless of who I am or am not.

How do you identify yourself?




13 thoughts on “Ambivert, Omnivert, Empath?

  1. Thanks for posting! It’s always really interesting to hear how other people experience their emotions.

    I’m not sure if I’m an empath though am affected pretty strongly by other people’s emotions, but only people I’m close with like my husband. I guess I identify as a typical INFJ personality – I can tell what someone’s thinking and feeling just by watching their mannerisms, to the point people think I’m a mind reader.

    I’m definitely an omnivert though! If the situation isn’t something which interests me, I’m over it and totally drained by the end.

    Thanks again for sharing ❤

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    1. Thank you for sharing! Yes, humans are so fascinating!


  2. Uhh, nope, not an Omnivert, despite what the quiz said. Right now I’m craving some alone time,not 24/7 time!

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  3. Thanks for the post. The link is sitting, waiting for me. I’m curious to see if I’m legit an introvert or perhaps a bit of an ambivert. I never even knew that was a thing. After reading the post, I thought, “no wonder you need some time and space to yourself.” You have had a lot of really challenging experiences; of course, you need to recharge your soul.

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    1. It tells me I’m an omnivert. While my gut response is “no” – I cling to that introvert label – it’s probably correct.

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      1. what was that recent post you published about labels….??? lol

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      2. Right? But tests are fun. I enjoy them telling me what kind of animal I am or which Simpson’s character I most resemble 🙂

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      3. So fun! It’s like those old Cosmo magazine quizzes I used to love!

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  4. I recently found out that I’m an aambivert.Never heard of the word until a few days ago. I thought I was just weird but apparently lots of people are the same way I am. Maybe we’re all weird, lol! Thanks for sharing this my friend 💕

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    1. We all are weird! Lol! Thanks for reading! Hope ur hanging in there


      1. You’re very welcome friend! I’m trying but I’m so ready to go to happy hour, the movie theater, and out to dinner, lol! But staying in and reading and binge watching Ozark is great too!

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      2. Same- Anxious to get back to being a social butterfly and hugging friends again! At least we live in paradise. Ozarks is great!


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