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I hate to brag but I know some famous local authors….

Hey All,

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you are up to speed on the Tuesday shift but if not…..Well first off, why the hell not? Make it your business to follow me!

Okay, so now that we’ve got that out of the way.

I have decided in an effort to keep my local loves of small businesses afloat that I would feature several on Tuesdays. Hence, “Keep It Tight Tuesdays” is now “Local Love Tuesdays” until further notice. Feel free to check them out and show love however you can. Even if that support is in the form of a share or follow on social media. Also, please feel free to show your own local love in the comments. The internet has made the world very small and connected so let’s use that to our advantage.

My first feature of local love are two very powerful badass women I have the pleasure and gift of calling friends. They both have tremendous stories to share and they have articulated their stories beautifully in published books that you can purchase and read. Without further adieu from sunny south Florida……

I know two authors with published books! What a lucky girl I am!

Talia Tallman and I met because her oldest and my only became fast friends with our moms at an indoor play spot for kids when that idea was new and cool. We met very superficially at her child’s third?(I think) birthday party. Fast forward to my first year of homeschooling where I was neurotic and intimidated that somehow I would fuck up my kindergartner’s education and who did I bump into? None other than Talia and family. It took me a few times before I worked up the courage to approach her with the remember when vibe but once I did we became friendly as we ran in the same homeschool circles. Honestly, what really bonded us is the shit sandwiches life handed us around similar time frames. Talia is the epitome of undercover badass. She’s super light and easy breezy fun, but don’t get it twisted. She is no pushover. She is uber-intelligent and chock full of real life experiences. Talia is one tough cookie, someone you want in your corner and I am grateful to have her in mine. Talia’s book link is below. This is an incredible read full of truth, authenticity, love and perseverance.


I met the lovely Sarah Gyampoh through Talia and homeschooling. Though we are outwardly fairly different our souls share a strong empathic connection. I know that I can be myself with Sarah and she loves and accepts me. Sarah is one of the strongest, sweetest most peaceful people I know. Her heart is boundless. To watch her love and care for others is truly a beautiful event to witness. Sarah has a colorful journey to share with many gifts of practical wisdom. Give her a visit on her website 

Tribe, please consider giving these two a look and show some support.

Next week- We’ll talk food!

Spread love!




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