Avoiding a Turkey Wattle

For those of you who don’t know what a turkey wattle is, according to Wikipedia, the wattle of the turkey is the flap of skin connecting the throat to the head. See human form below:


The neck area can be a really tricky spot to keep in check. Firstly, the skin of the neck area is thinner and more delicate than other areas of the body. The neck also feels the daily effects of sun exposure, gravity, posture and other mechanisms of wear and tear. Often our neck is not getting the same love and attention as our face in with regards to daily skin care and sun protection and it may show that neglect in the forms of early aging.

As comforting as it may appear to fiddle with the wrinkles in our wattle I think I’d rather keep my neck supple and invest in a fidget spinner.

I recall as a young child being fascinated with the large bulbous sag in my grandmother’s chin and neck area. It was so soft. I loved to play and stroke it. My poor grandmother willingly submitted her wattle to my curiosity.

I noticed as my mother transitioned into her late 50’s the same familiar sag appeared in her chin and neck area. Being an adult myself I was now fascinated in a morbid way. Thinking to myself- “Shit! My mom is starting to show signs of aging. Is my chin and neck going to sag like that too someday?!”

In my mid 30’s I noticed a deep wrinkle running horizontally across my neck. With weight loss my hated double chin was gone but left in its place a tiny hint of the Dougherty wattle and sag. I noticed from years of sun exposure my chest area looking a little crepey in the morning.

I chose to investigate conservative options. The first thing I implemented was more dedicated daily attention in my skin and sun care routine. That was an easy one. Also, making sure I was drinking enough water. I included a collagen supplement in my vitamin regimen but the research is still out on that. Then, I began looking into different topical products available.

Platysma anti-aging options are plentiful and overwhelming. What I decided on and have stuck with is Strivectin’s TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus. This cream is not cheap but it gets the job done. Initially, I was using it morning and night as recommended. I wound up reducing to night only after developing some minor irritation. It is a rich cream so a little tiny bit goes a long way. The small container of .25 fl oz lasts me 4 months. I also use a Shea Moisture brand coconut and hibiscus moisture mist on the delicate skin of the chest or decolletage area.

As forementioned in earlier blogs I use my dermal roller and laser on the neck and chin areas when I use it at all. Lastly, I did a stint of daily “neck tightening” exercises for about 3 months. The exercises did absolutely nothing but make me look very silly for 3-5 minutes daily. I was skeptical from the jump but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. I will also admit that I may have momentarily considered purchasing one of those weird sagging jowls exercise contraptions shown on late night TV. Thankfully, I talked myself out of that embarrassing useless purchase before actually pulling the trigger.

Currently, I am happy with the softening and reduction of the wrinkles, crepey skin and drooping with my increased attention to the area and minor interventions.

Now I am aware of the opportunity for further interventions if/when that time comes which is oddly comforting. From injections, to lasers, to cold treatments, to stick on pads- if you have the budget you don’t have to be the turkey. Carrying on the Dougherty wattle is not a legacy I wish to manifest.

Before I sign off: PSA to my younger readers. Prevention is not bullshit! Take care of your skin now with proper nutrition, water intake, sunscreen, a good cleansing, exfoliation and moisture routine.

Gobble not and XXXXXX-



4 thoughts on “Avoiding a Turkey Wattle

  1. I love that you did the exercises and reported on it. I often think about doing them and periodically do a yoga one they like to call “the lion” wherein you tip your head back as far as you can, look at the ceiling, and then repeatedly stick out your tongue. I felt incredibly foolish – I’m gratified to learn they make little difference 🙂 I don’t have a family history of the wattle. Instead, we get drops on the side of the jaw and I notice a distinct lack of tension there some days. I dislike it.

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    1. Yeah- I used to do them in the car. Multi tasking! I bet I looked hilarious! Don’t bother with the exercises.

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  2. Oh my, yes. Thanks for the recommendations, I may be splurging on myself & ordering the tightening cream!

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