Things Fall Apart

Things fall apart…..

Mulling this phrase around in my brain for almost a week now…… trying to eliminate The Roots version from playing as background noise every time I consider the phrase. For a potential submission in an open read at a local museum with a writing group and some visual artists. I am not sure why the opportunity is even important to me. Is it because I may be able to connect with others and further craft my work and hone my skills as a writer? Is it because I feel like a bit of an expert on things falling apart? A little of both?

Things Fall Apart.

Trying to encompass the full body of this truth….. It’s like taking a too big bite of something. Swallowable, but not with grace or ease. How it’s happening constantly. Every second of every day. All around us and within us. Things are falling apart all over the planet at any given moment. More realistically at every given moment.

Well that’s sunny, isn’t it?

Basically we are all doomed for our “things” to “fall apart” at some point within our lifetime and perhaps even on multiple occasions or simultaneously or any other crazy array of variables the universe conjures up. It’s not personal. It just is.

I realized something today in separate conversations with my best friend and Mr. Reinvention. We are at the age in our lives where significant things are falling apart regularly. Things that have far-reaching and lasting ripple effects. Events that change us to our core, alter our direction or blow us completely off course.

Frightening and devastating diagnoses or illness

Financial crippling






Job loss

These are just a few of the events that have all occurred either directly to me or within my tribe. All within the last couple of years. Any of these occurrences have the capacity to bring you to your knees with a quickness.

What are we collectively doing to embrace the suck of things falling apart? Most of us are continuing to move forward, though our pace and posture vary wildly. Persevere. Survive. After licking our wounds a bit, some of us take the hit and utilize it as a tool to reevaluate and reestablish ourselves. Thrive.

Now the song playing background noise in my brain is Aaliyah “Try Again”. But isn’t that what we do? “Dust yourself off and try again.”  Ad nauseam. What’s the alternative? Lie in a heap on the ground and wait for our own demise? Tantrum over the hand we’ve been dealt? Lash out at everything and everyone within arm’s reach? None of these are very effective survival tactics. I know because I’ve tried them all.

Somewhere deeply instinctual is the skill to selectively dampen the reality that at any moment things could potentially fall apart, completely unravel within our lives. It’s a form of selective recall that allows us to participate in daily life without being fraught with chronically high levels of panic and anxiety. Depending on your social and moral stance, or if you watch enough of the news or social media you may feel that doomsday is already upon us. Yet the majority of us continue to show up every single day. Some of us take off on new path of enlightenment. While others are content to just stay the course.

Of course none of us are without our battle scars. Visible or not. They are ever present. Reminders of where we have been. What we have endured. Perhaps we have even been remolded or permanently altered. Like the creatures from the Island of Misfit Toys. Trying to find our place. Seeking connection and love. Eking out an existence. Hunkering down when things fall apart. Dormant for a season only to blossom again with the passage of time and healing.

When things fall apart so do we. Yet, we become whole again and persist.


Well, I don’t even know if I am going to submit this piece or not. I am not loving it right now. Though, it may grow on me…….What do you guys think? Should I go for it?



5 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart

  1. I say Go For It! Needs to be shared! I heard the truth in this, so much truth! and can relate in so much of it, I know others will to. Go for it my friend 💕

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  2. “When things fall apart so do we. Yet, we become whole again and persist.” This is a great line. This is a great read. Share it.

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  3. Share it!! We all have days when we feel like “The sky is falling! The skyyyyy is fallinggggg!” It’s up to us how we respond. Your work is a great reminder that we can keep going, even if we want to hide under the covers when the ugly rears it’s head. It’s also a nice nod to the importance of having a family of friends.

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  4. Go for it! I will always say go for it. ❤❤


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