The Mirror of My Words

I am no one

I have no credentials authorizing my words

To unleash like a torrent

Waterfalls cascading powerfully forth

And yet they do

Unapologetically raw


Demanding you attend to them


Others who read them

Feel the pressure of a mirror

Being pushed forth

To deny

To create distance

Severe the familiarity

They label me and my truth

With whichever adjective suits their convictions

Brave, Depressed, Raw, Talented

They surmise my current status from my words

Because it is easier than peering into

The mirror of relating to my truths

And seeing themselves


Yet the words still pour forth


My words unleash me

Free me

Wash me clean

I am anew

1 thought on “The Mirror of My Words

  1. You definitely have a gift for expressing you thoughts. 👍❤️


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