Why GF’s are Vital

Ride or die bitches

My tribe

Best friends


Soul Sisters

Kindred Spirits

No matter the name. These women are here for me unconditionally. They have picked me up and dusted me off, listened endlessly to my barrage of thoughts and emotions, fed me nourishment in the form of chocolate or coffee or tequila. The have helped me through countless rough patches. Sometimes just by being there holding my hand, nudging me along, sometimes carrying me, sometimes running after me.

But one thing is certain. They are ALWAYS there. ALWAYS: 3 am cry fest. There! 6 am beach walk. There! They will stop their busy lives for me and make time. These girls have stood by and born witness to my life unfolding. These women have become more than friends. They are my family. From their lips the advice my grandmother would have doled out. They listen as a caring mother would. We giggle and share secrets as sisters. Their embrace is instant recharge. Their mere presence a blanket of  safety and security.

My girls and I, we share history of who we were, present of where we are and future of who we’d like to become. We share crazy adventures of youth into adulthood. We share concerts and trips and holidays and walks on the beach. We’ve done school and parties and dances and dinners. Bad fashion and haircuts and even worse decisions. Shopping, movies, shots, tattoos. Lovers and marriage and ex’s and children. Careers and death and personal reinvention. We have shared full lives. Interwoven and connected to varying degrees. Invisible strings attached, regardless of distance or time.

My soul sisters keep me sane. They keep me grounded and on course, much like the handlers of those giant balloons in the Macy’s Day Parade. Without their steady, controlled hands I’d be lost. My girls help me feel alive. The buzz of energy when we are laughing together. The courage and solidarity of togetherness. We make adventure wherever we go. The women in my life inspire me. Just by being themselves. I observe them awestruck and aim to grow better.

I am allowed, in fact encouraged to be myself with these beauties. They love me for exactly who I am given the current moment. Even when my ulgies are showing. They see past that to my core. They lift me up in celebration. These women know unconditional love and express it freely.

Countless occasions I look up to the sky and think, “How did I get so lucky?!”. “How do I have this wonderful support system?”. For this I am truly grateful. I have this wonderful web of ladies who catch me when I fall and right me on my own two feet. Without ever saying “I told you so!” or “You owe me!”. I recognize what a rarity this is. I cherish them.

I am forever indebted to these girls. For their unwavering support. For their love and life lessons. For their presence through the amazing stuff but also the really terrible stuff. For all the ways they show me love and support. For the memories and lessons.

Girlfriends are vital to a full life. At least to mine. Without my tribe so many parts of my history would be erased. So many wonderful experiences would dull. My family would be missing. I wouldn’t quite be me.

I thank you loveys. You know who you are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your everything with me. Let’s make more adventures!




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