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Turning inward

Hey all,

I’ve been doing some self-reflection lately. Coinciding with my recent-ish awareness that I am still grappling with self-acceptance and self-worth. Particularly surrounding  my role as a stay at home mom. Coupled with this pandemic and my tumbling, tumbling into all the misinformation that the internet has to offer. I realize that I am still battling with staying firmly planted in the present moment.

That being said I am feeling the need to take a pause and step back from the blog via WordPress in an effort to stay here and now and spend a little less time on the internet.

I never just existed in the here and now. There has always been a push, a goal, a hustle to be more of …….

Tribe that means that I will be going quiet here for a bit and turning inward to see where my reinvention will take me next. But I will remain somewhat active on Facebook at or via Instagram @reinventionisamutha

Love to you all!



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7 thoughts on “Turning inward

  1. You are beautiful, your words are beautiful and will be missed. I so admire your quest for truth and information and just want you to know I for one feel privileged to hold space for you (even if it’s just online) to speak your mind and express yourself. Congrats on listening to what your heart and head tell you you need right now and acting on it xoxo

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  2. Sweetie, I think we’re all here. Coming to grips with what IS and what might be – well, taking some time to be present in the moment is important. Don’t worry about this space – take care of you.

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  3. So glad your taking care of yourself right now. We (I’m) not going anywhere. More than ever self care is a must! 💞💞

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  4. Love to you as you step back and take care of yourself. Blessing. We’ll miss you. 🙂

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  5. Definitely get this. Much peace to you, Melissa😊

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    1. Thank you! I am still pretty active on FB. Hope to connect there!


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