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Self-care Slump

Well, another week is drawing to a close and I don’t know quite where the time scampered off to.

Somehow with the increase in my free time due to staying at home as much as possible, somehow, I have less time? Or time is getting away from me. Truth be told there is a lot more frittering and flitting around. It feels as though I am much more easily distracted and am having a tough time staying on task. Thanks, anxiety. Also, admittedly, I am spending more time on the internet and social media researching, digging, reading, bantering. Trying to stay current and aware and follow what is happening. Though I have little faith in information sources. Just keep that focus outward so I don’t have to deal with the inner turmoil.

My  emotional self-care has tanked. I did pretty well for awhile but I recognize I’ve fallen into a slump. Actually I recognized it last week and made a mental commitment to address it this week.

And yet, here I am. It’s Friday. No real change to speak of on my behalf.

I know that if I put forth the effort required to take better care of myself by voluntarily tuning out and not participating in the bullshit at large (because I have no control to change it), to get adequate rest, to stop the nightly routine of a stiff drink before bed to dampen the anxiety, to be consistent with my morning journaling and meditation I will probably feel better.

For some reason I am just not willing to go there right now.

I reasoned to myself what I know to be true. Sometimes poor coping skills and unhealthy behaviors feel easier because they are familiar and comfortable. Path of least resistance and all. At least I am not belittling nor mentally flogging myself over it. That’s a positive shift.

I am better than this. I deserve more than this. This fog of daily out of focus attention or fuzzily going through the motions because my mind is swirling with anything but the HERE AND NOW. I deserve my attention to presence. I deserve to live in the now. I deserve to give myself my best version of me.

How is your emotional self-care? What do you employ to stay positive and mentally healthy?

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10 thoughts on “Self-care Slump

  1. Hi Melissa!

    Thanks for sharing. Your honesty is what we need more of in this community, and in our world in general. I too, have been struggling lately. Having an infant during a pandemic, following Stay-At-Home Orders, and being a sufferer of nighttime anxiety, all contribute to inner turmoil. It sucks.

    Sometimes what works for me is to allow myself to feel these emotions, even for a short time. I try to remind myself that I almost always feel better by morning.

    Peace to you, friend.

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  2. You are so correct- We have to feel the feelings. The only way through is through. But not to stagnate…. that can be tricky at times! Peace and joy to you too. I hope we are on the other side of things shortly.


  3. It feels like battle-fatigue. Totally get what you’re saying about time. There’s so much that I end up doing less. Self-care is tricky these days but I’ve been focusing on the small stuff. Wearing the cool earrings. Yeah, I look odd hanging out in sweats and jet chandelier danglies, but whatever. 🙂

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    1. Love it! Your ears r ready for a night out! Lol

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  4. I’m slumping right along with you. Not much is working but I’m not trying to hard. Consistently inconsistent right now and like you trying not to beat myself up over it.

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    1. I think that’s the key… foot in front of the other.


  5. As always you are right on the money! Wow! What a rollercoaster. Instead of the “stiff drink” I am overly indulging in sugar/carbs and the more I have the more I want. But I am not beating myself up too much. Familiar habits, yes. One day I’m putting together a bookshelf & desk I purchased and deep cleaning patio & furniture, doing yard work, housework, etc. Then one day staring at TV all day not caring about what needs to be done or responsibilities, “wasting” time??
    We are all doing the best we can, some of us better than others, but to know we are not alone in this helps me. On the days I do take a long walk or sit on the patio having tea, listening to nature or reading a book, journaling, those are good days for me. Some of my self-care is reading your posts, cause I relate so much! Take care of you! ❤️

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    1. Hugs! You’re right we are all doing the best we can


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