Self-Isolation Blues

Creativity waning

Weight gaining

Feeling dumb

Comfortably numb


Hit with those self-isolation blues


Oh the political scandals

Sanitizing the door handles

While the world economy is in shambles

Talking vaccine gambles


The quarantine Covid-19 blues


Missing friends

Impatiently awaiting the end

Finances slide

No choice but to hide


Damn these viral blues


A country divided

No mask nor gloves provided

Where everyone stands to lose

Family tap dancing on my short fuse


Can’t escape these here blues


Distract myself with home repair

Anything to avoid the tumble into despair

It pains me but I can’t help but care

Seeing all the sadness I’ve had my fair share


Heavy with these stay at home blues


Started daily drinking

To quell the overthinking

My attitude is stinking

Because my world just keeps shrinking


No shaking these lo down, social distancing, safer at home, pandemic blues



8 thoughts on “Self-Isolation Blues

  1. So good! When you said “weight gaining” I felt that! 👀😂

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  2. This is great. I could hear it being sung with lovely blues guitar and harmonica in the background.


  3. Yes! Comfortably numb & my attitude sure can get to stinking. Hit the nail on the head.

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  4. We’re living in The Twilight Zone.

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