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All my other Local Favs!

Alright- somehow in the muck of staying busy while staying home I got a bit behind on my Local Love post.

Sigh- better late than never, I guess.

Let’s delve into some of my other favorite local spots that I am missing so much! Again, if you can show love or support please do or feel free to post your own local love comments.

Black Lotus Gym

I joined Black Lotus some time within the last year. I was looking for some alternative cardio workouts to complement my running schedule. I immediately fell in love with the people and classes. This place is a phenomenal facility with top-notch friendly instructors and a true community vibe. The classes will kick your ass and leave you coming back for more. My overall fitness level and confidence level has increased. I am hooked and am having withdrawals missing this place.


Hellcat Tattoo

I am a collector of skin art. I have been getting tattooed since 16 years old. I’ve gone to several different facilities. Hellcat is my place. All of the artists are incredibly talented, full of integrity and down to earth. I always feel very comfortable here. Many of the artists have other art related works. So if a tattoo is not for you then check out their other creative pieces. Hellcat is home to an amazing microblading brow wonder! I recently went for microblading and I am in love with my new brows! I plan on doing an in depth post about my experience after they reopen and I can return for my touch up visit.


B Hair Artistry

I’ve written past posts about the importance of a professional cosmetologist. Look no further. Bethany and her professional staff are able to curate your ultimate hair style and health. They are cutting edge and creative yet well rounded enough to cover all of your needs.


Liz Lahman@KeepingItRealBeauty

If you are looking for a licensed facial specialist who knows skin care and how to get yours glowing look no further. Liz is a gem! She provides incredible facial services and has tremendous knowledge about skincare products. Liz is also a highly skilled makeup artist and spray tan goddess.


Laser Skin and Wellness

A local supreme med spa for all of your anti-aging and beauty needs. The professional  and warm staff are well versed in how to meet your needs. They will provide you with their professional opinions to look your best most natural self. The team will educate you with a range of options and opinions and do not push or try to up-sell procedures or products.


Locals, check these treasures out and support of you can. You can all get an idea of my post quarantine schedule and where I plan on paying visits to!

Stay well! Spread love!



1 thought on “All my other Local Favs!

  1. I am not local, but I love what you’re doing. Very cool to promote worthy small businesses in your area!


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