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Let us EAT, DRINK & be MERRY! Love my locals Tuesday’s Yummies

I have to give big props to my local eateries and bars. Many of them are really hustling trying to keep their heads above water and show love and support through what they do best. Provide a culinary adventure, a place to relax and hang loose, and give space and ambiance for connection and memory making.

Nowadays, our local eateries and bar families have to be even more creative with a whole other layer of stressors to manage. Well, technically the bars have been closed for quite a bit. Restaurants are takeout, pick-up or delivery only. Coupled with the fact that a good majority of our society have major job insecurity, if they are still employed. Talk about a difficult sell!

So as promised, I want to highlight my local favs who can use some love now and in the future. In no particular order:

Common Grounds Brew and Roastery A great spot to get your favorite coffee beverage and even try a creative brewed drink. They also have amazing bean blends to take home. Friendly and low key. This place makes you feel immediately welcome. They have delicious pastries and desserts that my girl will vouch for.

Revelry This cozy fun spot is like my “Cheers” bar. They have an array of craft beers and full range of wines. Zena and Brando make this place extra special and homey. They are always welcoming and engaging. The nosh menu has something for everyone’s taste. Holla- Challah waffle iron grilled cheese and tomato soup. Revelry usually offers a full calendar of activities to participate in. From Drag Queen Bingo to movie night to breaking the Underberg world record. This is a great place to call home.

Thaiyko Asian Cuisine All of the items on this diverse menu are tasty. We personally pay a visit weekly (pre covid calamity) for their fresh and creative sushi and sashimi. Full bar with a creative drink menu. When you pay a visit to Thaiyko you will be greeted and treated like friends. My family is on a first name basis with many of the Thaiyko family and we are missing them.

Oka Sushi and Thai I know, I know…. you see a theme. I can’t help it! I love sushi and sashimi! This little gem opened not too long ago in my neighborhood and they are fantastic. The sushi chef and owner is tremendously creative and curated a menu of interesting culinary combinations. The ramen is to die for!

Aioli This place is very near and dear to my heart. My best friend and her husband made their dreams a reality and I was lucky enough to witness it all. Not only are they an inspiration and heavily invested in the community but the food….OMG…the food. They are constantly pushing the envelope and outdoing themselves with their amazing food to table meals, breads and pastries. This weekend past I had carrot cake croissants! Yes- carrot cake croissants! And they made my mouth so happy. My other personal favs: the artichoke and arugula salad and the eggplant and brie sandwich.

Lake Worth Pizza This place is your quintessential family owned and operated pizza joint. They are a staple in our delivery routine. The Antipasto salad, the Philly Steak pizza and the secret menu item and my personal fav the Mama’s Lover pizza. Mouth watering!

That’s Amore Pizzeria Where can you get Italian authenticity in sunny South Florida? Look no further. The owner’s are Italian born and they know how to do it right! The gourmet pizzas are tantalizing to your taste buds and inventive ingredient combinations.

CWS Bar and Grill A really fun and friendly low key spot to hang out. They have a great rotation of local musical artists and a beautiful outdoor space. The drinks are experimental and innovative and they have a BOURBON BIBLE! The bartenders are well versed in giving the customer what they want. My usual order is the bone marrow burger. It is scrumptious!

Lupita’s Tex Mex Lupita’s is special to me for several reasons. Firstly, of course their tex mex is amazing! But I have many fond memories of Taco Tuesdays spent happily with my family and my Dad. Dad loved Mexican food. In fact, he was so fond of this place that I had his memorial service here. The guacamole is beyond tasty! Especially when scooped up by the house made tortilla chips that are still warm! The tacos, enchiladas and taco salad are my personal fav’s.

The Hive Bar and Grill This local hangout spot has really terrific happy hour specials and for a seafood lover like me a happy girl! Littleneck steamers and raw oysters! Oh yeah! All of their American fare is absolutely delectable!

Two Fat Cookies If you have a wicked sweet tooth such as myself, feast your eyes on their website and you will know exactly why they are on here!

By no means is this an extensive list of what’s available to us locally. We live in an area flush with eclectic options for the foodie inside us all. Personally, I am missing the easy days and nights out kicking back with family and friends enjoying a good drink, good food, good company and music in the just right setting. I want these places to be able to sustain themselves in this terrible time for selfish and unselfish reasons. I care about the people at each of these places. The people make the place.

If you have a local spot you’d like to add please do in the comments. Doesn’t have to be local to me. Could be your spot in your hometown or city. Let’s all do what we can to show this hardworking industry that we haven’t forgotten them and that we are showing love and support.




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