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Disco eyes- my favorite eyeshadow palette

 I have an incredible besty! Aside from being Ride or Die- ALWAYS, she also buys me the most fantastic eye shadow palettes.

You know the ones you drool over in the beauty store or online but don’t actually feel worthy of buying because it’s  an impractical splurge. The palette where every color looks as though it was made just for your lids. Yup, those.

My most favorite out of all that she has given me has been a little 6 color palette made by Urban Decay called Party Favor.

The colors are absolutely shimmering and gorgeous. They are rich in color depth and and glitter factor without looking juvenile or Halloweenish. And they are neutral enough to complement all types of skin tones and be used for day and evening.

Personally, I love a shimmer shadow. Yes, I realize and appreciate matte shadows as well but I think the shimmer shadows really bring the “Pop” and “Wow”. Frankly, if I am going to invest the time in applying eyeshadow I don’t want it to be so subtle that you don’t know it’s there. I’ve never been one to play up a natural look with eye shadows. The trouble I have found with locating a quality glitter or shine shadow in powder is that:

  • Sometimes what’s in the palette doesn’t translate well onto the brush. I am not trying to go on an archaeological dig with my shadow brush. I want the color to transfer easily and well.
  • The glitter is too chunky or doesn’t apply evenly. I don’t want to look as though I am entering a drag queen beauty pageant or painting my face up to show sports team pride.
  • The colors are beautiful but not realistic for day to day wear. My reality is that though I do not shy away from the bold bright eyeshadow colors, they are not a regular part of my routine.

If you are in the market for a really fun palette of high quality Party Favor has my vote.

My other go-to palettes are:

Neither of which are available any longer. Sorry boo’s!

My only other tidbit of advice is to make sure to spend a few dollars on quality makeup application brushes and a good brush cleaner. That makes all the difference in the world. For actual makeup and shadow application techniques there are copious YouTube tutorials to accomplish whatever look you desire.

Stay fabulous! If you have any palettes you love, post in comments!




6 thoughts on “Disco eyes- my favorite eyeshadow palette

  1. I go with the more neutrals now. My current favourite is Maybelline’s “The brushed nudes”. Great post. Sent me back to my bathroom to play with some eye shadow.


    1. Little Bit and I may have a makeup day soon. Honestly, I put makeup on yesterday just because but in general haven’t worn much since all this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s the fun thing with daughter. They liked doing beauty days when they were little. Have fun!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Each time I put on eyeshadow I am disappointed. The ones I own look great on the pallette but when I apply them I can barely see them. I am going to check out Urban Decay and perhaps order one of their palettes. The girls have been experimenting with make up, maybe it’s time for me to watch some youtube make up tutorials so we can experiment together. Fun quarantine times 🙂
    Love your posts xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You tube videos are the best! I have learned so much from the makeup hacks! Send pics! We r doing a makeup day today!


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