Finances, youthful ambition, creative determination?

Whatever our reasons were back then. Maybe a little bit of everything. We just did. We tackled. Dove in head first. Painting, staining, sanding, demoing, gutting, renovating.

No task too small or too complex for us. “We can do that. We can  do it better and cheaper too.”

Living with construction dust finely coating everything not Visqueen protected. Peeing in a bucket. Showering off outside with the hose. Painting parties rich in laughter, pizza, and beer but short on accuracy.

The inevitable mess ups and oops moments. The recognition of being completely in over our heads. Drowning in the responsibility of home ownership and the fear of never being done with the projects. Realizing gardening isn’t for me after all.

The exhaustion. The burnout. The pride and fulfillment.

These days those projects get farmed out to others. Skilled professionals. We are able to afford the luxury of being lazy. Now rather than offer up blood, swear and tears we cough up superficial complaints of a first world nature. The inconvenience of it all.

We watch the young or the die-hards toil with knowing eyes. We laugh smugly at their DIY ignorance. We think “We were once that young and dumb and broke”.

Now we have better ways to waste our time.

Our projects are by choice. Fluff feats.

And if we dislike the outcome we simply discard and purchase something new.

Once a Home DIY OG now just another lazy consumer, stimulating the economy while dulling our ingenuity. Our once Can Do attitude now a Won’t Do mantra.




5 thoughts on “Home DIY OG

  1. I love this! Beautifully put. 🕊
    PS: I watched your video on creativity yesterday. Good stuff! 👍🏻

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    1. Awwww thank you! I appreciate that so much! Hopefully coming soon- the end product of DIY madness

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  2. Love this, as always. ✌🏼💚I am just finishing up a 3 month project of stripping, sanding and repainting my 50 year old kitchen cabinets. “Living with construction dust finely coating everything not Visqueen protected” made me LOL-my reality since December!!

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    1. Oh girl- we did that once! Never again- what a tremendous amount of work cabinets are! I am sure they will be gorgeous when done and now we all have some extra time to DIY. We are doing some beautifying of the yard today!


  3. I love this. Absolutely correct. It’s ironic though that as I’m reading this, I’m waiting for nine o’clock so I can call the dryer repairman because the pipe broke and I tried to fix it for six minutes ’til I gave up in disgust and reminded myself there are pros. Twenty years back I’d have done it myself. I will think about that – I will still call the repair company but I will think about it. 😉

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