Let’s Get REAL- Is International Women’s Day BS?

Dear Fellow Humans,

In light of the recently passed “International Woman’s Day” I thought a post taking a different perspective deserved a thought, a pause, a moment of consideration.

What is this holiday anyway? Who created it? When and why? What are the ulterior motives of celebrating women? Because, I am a realist after all and when did we ever celebrate women just for being the fabulous goddesses we are. I mean in recent times, anyway.

According to Wikipedia International Women’s Day or IWD began as a Socialist party celebration. For many years it had an affiliation with Socialist and Communist political parties worldwide. In the 1970’s and 1980’s IWD was taken up by the second wave of feminists and used as a day earmarked for “women’s issues” such as equal pay and rights, reproductive rights, childcare, prevention of violence against women and all other societal issues negatively impacting women.

I am not in any way implying that the issues affecting women daily do not need a voice, attention or a platform. What I am inferring is that is a day really going to get the job done? We’re not exactly talking National Donut Day or Taco Tuesday, here.  These are real issues that cannot all be crammed into one 24 hour time frame clobbered and resolved. If that were the case International Women’s Day wouldn’t need to be a day at all.

Yet, here we are. Still discussing the same ol’ same inequalities. And I am living under the privilege of a white woman’s biased world. My experiences of gender discrimination and inequality are markedly better than a female person of color.

So excuse me if I don’t go all bonkers in celebration over my little old designated day. Not when the actions of the world completely negate one hundred times over IWD. Pessimistically, I saw the day as another opportunity for retail sales to implore women to buy, buy, buy shit that is supposed to make us feel strong and empowered and woke. When in all reality we are drowning in our stuff and the debt associated with our stuff and the guilt and expectations and polarizing societal standards. In addition to all of the bullshit one deals with on a daily basis when you are a female. The gawking looks, the cat calls, the inappropriate jokes, lack of personal boundary space or even unwanted physical advances. If you are a woman you know that all of that can happen within the span of one International Woman’s Day and that is the inequality “light” version of what we experience over the course of our lifetime.

Therefore, I call Bullshit on International Women’s Day! Yes, I know it may not be the popular opinion. Especially, among my fellow females. I am totally alright with that. Ladies, if you are perplexed by my stance. If you feel it defeatist to our cause. Then, I implore you to ask yourself. What can you do with that morsel of time? Do you truly believe that there are people walking around in modern society naive to how women live on a daily basis? Do you think that International Women’s Day is going to come rolling in and all the women hating MF’ers are going to see the light and come Kum Bah Yah’ing peace, love, feminism and equality. I don’t think so.

I didn’t buy any gear with catchy inspirational slogans. I didn’t tend to honoring the strong fierce badass females who went before me. Why would I?! I honor them every day. I felt a mix of confusion and anger because I knew how I was “supposed to feel” but instead I felt short-changed and mansplained and patronized.

“Here bitch, here’s your day! Now STFU and go make me a sandwich!”

The irony here on the east coast of the USA was that the day fell on daylight’s saving time where we actually lost an hour! My crotchety self laughed at that joke of the Universe.

Many of you know that we at the Reinvention house homeschool our daughter. Primarily, I am the active daily teacher. We have recently been investigating the French Revolution inclusive of a bit of Napoleon and his famous code. I am always taken aback when I have to explain to my 9 year old how human beings were treated or mistreated throughout the course of history. Little Reinvention is so perplexed by the way people have behaved throughout history. We can be real bastards when we want to. Since the dawn of time we humans have practiced subjugation and dehumanization in an array of disgusting ways. But she has to be aware of history so that she sees, really sees how she must continue to fight for what is right for herself and others. In our lessons I ponder aloud, asking myself almost as much as I am asking her: Could you imagine what life would be like as a…………?

I wonder will my daughter or her daughter someday ponder the same question reflecting back on my time in history?

What has really changed over the passage of time? Sure, we have rights and laws in place. Though, people are always trying to fuck them up.

What about our underpinnings, the core belief affiliated with some groups of people feeling superior to another group- Have we eradicated that sick and evil untruth?

Present circumstances show me, sadly, that the answer is an affirmative “No”. And no faux day of celebration is going to force me to feel otherwise.

So patriarchy, you can take your day and shove it up your ass. As far as I am concerned we goddesses deserve to feel celebrated and appreciated very damn day. I will continue to honor, acknowledge, educate and fight to make it so.

Yours truly,

One Badass Fierce Female




7 thoughts on “Let’s Get REAL- Is International Women’s Day BS?

  1. Awesome! I whole-heartedly agree that the issues driving IWD need much, much more than a rally once a year. In order to bring about real change, we ALL need to engage on a daily basis. We need to vote. We need to research, question, and discuss. We need to band together, even when the cameras are gone, and do our due diligence every. damn. day. Well said, friend. Power on.

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    1. Truth! I heard or read Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years- this was celebrated. I understand why- he could have walked. Still didn’t feel like justice to me though.

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      1. I know. Punishment for abuse will never be “good” enough. 🕊

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  2. I love your oppositional stance, even though I’m all for IWD. I do hate the way it became this capitalist day for women to buy female leader quote shirts and shit. My lame dad even said, when is International Men’s Day. So, I agree with feeling like a day doesn’t do the justice we need. I used it as an extra moment to tell the women who inspire me how much I appreciate them. I think that should be everyday, so I went a little extra handing out love.

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    1. Yes, I don’t mean to sound like a total grinch. I just felt that the true meaning was lost in all the muck.

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      1. I completely understand! It was a great post, and I love reading differing views points!

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