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Being Slick

What do we know about personal lubricant?

Well here’s a few very important tidbits I’d like to share with you:

  1. Use it! Don’t be shy. Don’t say, “But I get wet enough on my own.” Nope, not having it over here. Just give the personal lubricant a go.
  2. Do not buy that crap they sell at your local drug store. That stuff is like the Taco Bell of lubricant. Invest in some quality personal lubricant. The options are endless. Personal lubricants available now fit a variety of needs, preferences and desired intent and outcome.
  3. This is perhaps the most important. Spit/ human saliva IS NOT LUBRICANT! EVER! You feel me?! EVER!

Why do we need or want to incorporate personal lubricant into our lives?

Generally speaking personal lubricants have the potential to exponentially improve sexual interactions.


By reducing friction and shearing forces a good personal lubricant will increase pleasure stimulation and decrease potential for micro-tears and irritation to the vaginal area in particular. So not only do you have the potential to enjoy the experience on a different level but you also may want to go longer, avoiding pain and minor trauma.

Females who experience vaginal dryness can also use personal lubrication daily to reduce irritation caused by the dryness. Vaginal dryness can occur for many underlying medical reasons and definitely should be addressed with a healthcare professional. However, if you are aware of the why and you are seeking strategies to combat vaginal dryness, personal lubricant may be a solution.

What are you looking for in a lubricant?

That is a unique answer that only you and your partner(s) can reach. However, if you take a moment to educate yourself about what different lubricants are made of and pros and cons of each you will have a better understanding of how to meet your needs. Here is a helpful article “How to choose a lubricant” from a wonderful online resource and store called A Woman’s Touch, Sexuality Resource Center.

I hope that I have piqued your interest in learning and taking responsibility for your sexual and personal health and pleasure. There is absolutely no shame in incorporating personal lubricant into your intimacy routine or your daily life. Acknowledging and honoring the needs of our body allows our body to love and care for us in ways we never imagine. Meeting our sexual needs is both empowering and freeing. Know what you need to feel good and include it in your self-care.

Happy learning, perusing and purchasing and using!

Leave in the comments some of your favorite lubricants and I’ll share mine too!




9 thoughts on “Being Slick

  1. Thank you! As a post menopausal woman, I appreciate your post very much. In the past, (and it’s been a while), I have used the store bought brands, but I also have ordered better lubrications, can’t remember name. I always thought there was something wrong with me because I needed lubricant or experienced discomfort as I got older. I would be embarrassed to say what I needed. It’s important to know it’s natural. I won’t make that mistake again. “If” I have the opportunity to have intercourse again, I will be ready! Thanks, keeping this info for sure!

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    1. Knowledge truly is powerful! And it is so necessary as women that we understand the process of each phase of our lives and what our bodies are undergoing. Glad you got something out of this!

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  2. This was great. I learned things. I love the graphic as well; very apt.

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  3. Preach! Yeah, sometimes those micro tears aren’t so micro, and then one’s partner/husband etc who has a queasy tummy at the sight of blood starts turning green… Pur is a silicone base, I think? It’s not bad, but like most, I find that it gets tacky feeling pretty quick. The doc is like, “Well. you *are* over 50″… (lasers shoot from my eyes) Medical Science is far more concerned with men’s needs than it is with women’s and it pisses me off!

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    1. Truth! Men’s needs are all the rage when it comes to medical science. I use on the daily to reduce chafing and irritation organic coconut oil- a dab will do. For intimacy I like Pur, Slippery Stuff, Swiss Navy, Uber Lube. You should check out the vaginal rejuvenation program offered free on the A Woman’s Touch website. It’s good stuff!

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  4. Another amazing post! So many people stay away from lines because of misconstrued truths and stigmas, so thanks for this!

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    1. My pleasure- weirdly appropriate pun! Lol

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