From Stilettos to Sneakers

I am a self-admitted shoe fiend! I love all forms of beautiful footwear.

Heels, sandals, boots, booties, espadrilles. They all have a home in my closet. But since becoming a mom I have broadened by shoe portfolio to include cute sneakers.

Ten years ago I was a far cry from a sneaker girl. I rocked my high high heels for every occasion and well into my pregnancy. Even when I had to request help in buckling them because I could no longer reach my feet. I was committed! If I wore a pair out that tortured my feet I sucked it up with a cocktail and an Ibuprofen and ignored the pain (not while pregnant of course!). Beauty is pain was my battle cry.

Once my daughter became mobile I had to reckon with the fact that the heels weren’t always a safe or realistic choice. My pretties sat neglected in my closet. 😦 Periodically, I would dust them off and prance around the house only to switch them out for something more “sensible”. Yuck!

Then came my fall from grace literally, where after a few too many margaritas with some girlfriends I literally toppled over in the street, taking a friend with me. Of course, at that moment I just laughed my buzzed butt off and popped up as if nothing had happened. But the day after I realized I got got.

So began the process of cleaning out my beloved shoe collection and parting ways with those that didn’t suit my lifestyle or capability any longer.

Thankfully with today’s on trend sneakers I don’t have to show up in the dreaded call sign of all older folks trading fashion for comfort. The old lady SAS shoes or the white new balance with velcro fasteners or Shriek! Crocs.


Modern moms have options! We can rock bold, colorful statement sneakers or even those 90’s reruns with platforms. We no longer have to forsake fashion for comfort! Hallelujah!

Currently, my shoe collection houses just as many sneakers as heels. My husband looks at me in shock and disbelief. “I never thought I’d see this transformation.” he says. He’s always been on the side of comfort over a look.

These day I occasionally wear heels. But I am firmly retired from stilettos. I only wear what I can strut in without looking like there’s a broomstick stuck in my bum. I still stick to my firm rule of committing to the shoe for the night unless there’s a fair amount of alcohol involved. Then all bets are off!

Some of my favs:

For running and exercise I LOVE On Cloud X.

For casual I love my old school Adidas shelltops, my low and high top Converse chucks, and Dr. Marten boots. I have also been having a love affair with the ever trendy Nike’s.

One caveat, living in south Florida flip flops are queen. My all time fav’s are from a little shop in Key West called Kino’s. Inexpensive enough to buy all your favorite colors. They last forever and are super comfortable. Especially, if you are like me and are a little snooty about wearing rubber thongs anywhere but the beach, pool and yoga class.

That’s how this gal went from stilettos to sneakers without compromising her sense of style.

10 thoughts on “From Stilettos to Sneakers

  1. Ah HA! I knew you were a “sole” sister! Sadly, because of my knees, heels are out, but Docs (mine are green, and yes, i got married in them) and Nikes? 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I loooove good shoes. One of my favorite, falling asleep fantasies is all the shoes I’ve loved come back to me in pristine condition and I can wear them! Comfort is knowing your tootsies look amazing!

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    1. Good shoes are an outfit clincher or maker. I have planned entire outfits around my shoes! No shame! Lucky for me we have a local shoe repair man who does AMAZING work! I just dropped him a pair today!

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  2. Shoes and purses. They are my downfall. I rarely wear them all or use all the purses but oh, how I love to see the pretties lined up in the closet. Doc Martens are a love, sandals are summer, and since I don’t live in Florida, I get pretty good use out of my Uggs. Like you, I sort of miss the days where I was “large and in charge” striding on my spikes, but alas, comfort and not falling on my ass now win.

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    1. People here in south Florida rock the Ugg’s anytime it gets below 70 degrees. Lol!

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  3. How hilarious! I was just thinking about this. I was shopping on amazon for some shoes that look nice and are cute. You are on the same wavelength, lol


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    1. Mom life…… we r still stunting the cute shoes! Lol


  4. My closet is full of great stilettos. My son is old enough that I can wear them again… and then I gained weight and there they sit, pretty in their box 🙂


      1. Planning on it trust . My Laboutin are calling everyday

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