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Pushing the Boundaries

Last Saturday night I went roller skating! This may sound fairly dull to you all but to me it was a blast. As I preteen I spent much of my time at the local roller rink and I was a pretty decent skater. I could skate forwards, backwards, shuffle, dance, get low, spin and all other forms of death defying youthful feats. The roller rink held a lot of great memories for me. Feelings of being young and free and full of possibility.

Fast forward the twenty plus years since my last spin around the roller rink. The idea was thrown around casually, at first. A few of my best girl tribe and I catching up over drinks and snacks after Christmas, lamenting about our younger years. I mentioned seeing an “Adult Skate Night” event at one of our local rinks and from there the idea took root. After we spent the week group texting a plan together (skate and then late dinner and local band at one of our favorite spots) babysitters were secured as the significant others were included and we had a group date. Just like that!

Only after the plan was hashed did my brain have time to actually consider if roller skating was a good idea?! I started to feel a twinge of hesitancy and fear. Thoughts like:

Can I do this? Should I do this? What if I injure myself? What if I suck? All began to creep in.

As the week progressed my emotions were a mix of excitement and terror. I was looking forward to an adult night out but fearful it would end with someone in the ER.

Saturday came along and I began conjuring up a good 70’s roller rink fashion vibe. Knowing that looking good would give me the confidence boost I so desperately needed. I had a drink as I was getting glittered up and off we went.

Walking into the rink was like going back in time. The flashing lights, loud energetic music and weird smell reserved for places like bowling alleys and roller rinks hit me immediately and transported me back in time.

I tied up my rental skate laces tight and said a silent prayer. Hoping that it was like riding a bike. It was not.

Instead it was like I was a baby giraffe learning how to walk. Jerky, clumsy and unsteady. Cursing my big ideas and even bigger mouth I set off onto the rink with my friends.

I figured I didn’t need to worry much about the serious skaters as they had enough coordination to maneuver around and avoid me but I steered clear of the wall hugging newbies who looked even worse off than I felt.

Around I went- 1 time, 2 times, 3 times! Unscathed. “Ok, you’re doing it” I thought.

And you know what- I was. The more times around I went the easier it became. I skated a little more fluid and found my groove.

Now that’s not to say I found my 12 year old fast and furious groove. More like my 40 and fabulous one.

The old school tunes pumping loud. My friends nearby. Mr. Reinvention killing it on his roller blades. I was having a blast! I felt that old freedom that I loved about roller skating. I soaked it all in.

We had a great time roller skating and for the remainder of our evening.

Though it may sound so silly and trivial, I am so glad I rolled through my fears and skated anyway.

Because really, at its core, isn’t that what life is all about. Saying yes, even  when we are scared. Doing it anyway. Not letting our trepidation stop us from living our best life. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded positive people who have your back.

And even if one of us wound up in the ER, it would have made one hell of a story.

How do you tackle your fears- big or small? Do you persist or buckle? What’s your roller rink story?

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13 thoughts on “Pushing the Boundaries

  1. Such an awesome night!!! We should be kids more often! I love you!!

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  2. Argh. That’s fantastic. I’m quite jealous – there’s no roller rink here anymore and I, too, loved roller skating growing up. Til I broke my arm, at any rate. But props on facing those fears. I don’t think I do. I tend to be fear avoidant, that’s probably something to work on.

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    1. Me too! I was avoidant for so long and it was such a source of yuck about myself. I viewed it as weakness. I think I am more self accepting but also less afraid. I push boundaries to learn more about myself and challenge myself. When I really want to do something but fear is stopping me I try not to let it anymore.

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  3. Oh my yes… I think I lived at the roller rink every weekend in my early teens. I returned once, oh over a decade ago, and was horrified to find out *gasp* it was like exercising! But damned if it wasn’t a blast. Maybe this will be something that can be done again.
    Fears – well, right now I’m trying to logically work through them. Worst case scenario – not catastrophization – but OK, what’s the worst I could do? So, let’s say I decided to hit the rink, and I really screwed up my knee. Is that the end of the world? Not really. It’s an inconvenience and pain, two of my less favored things, but it’s survivable. My view? I’m terrified of heights, so I did a tandem parachute jump. (Man, am I ticked that I lost THAT certificate!) I shook for three days after, but I did it. I think what I’m getting at is you have to face those fears and find out how strong you really are.

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    1. Absolutely! And I think win out over that head game!

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  4. I was the absolute worst at roller skating then, and likely now. I have just lived vicariously through you – thanks!

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    1. Awww thanks! That is so sweet! I am sure u have your own activity where for a second you can forget it all and just feel free!


  5. Like-minded people and my best life! Sounds like a page from my book. You inspire me, Melissa! ❤️

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    1. Awww thank you! Ditto to that freaking warrior of crazy diagnosis I can’t pronounce!

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      1. 😂 We’re totally in the same tribe!

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  6. I try to be brave and go for it!

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