The Commit30 Planner Review

Looking for a way to stay accountable to your “New Year, New You” mantra or need a great day planner? I highly recommend the Commit30 products. I bought this product last year for a Christmas gift and wound up purchasing one for myself. The fitness planner held me accountable for the entire year barring vacations and holidays when I chose not to track myself. It helped me set monthly goals then, break those goals down incrementally week by week. I was able to track my food and water intake and my fitness activities all in one convenient spot. The planner is well endowed with a variety of ways to document goals, plans and dreams and allows an area for rewards. It has areas to be creative with mini vision board sections, cute stickers and tabs and a pocket. The cover color options are bright and the materials are made well. It withstood living on my kitchen counter and shuttling around in my purse or backpack without so much as a page tear. The company offers size options, digital options and support. The Commit30 product truly is the total package.

For those of you who, like myself typically pick up a planner at your local office supply retail chain store you may be a bit taken aback by the price. I will admit, initially I was hesitant to purchase based on the price. However, after perusing around the internet and Etsy for other options and not finding what I wanted I sprung for the Commit30. It is a purchase that I have not regretted once.

Writing things down has always been a tool for me to internally organize sequential events and understand on a small to big perspective what I want or have to accomplish. Documenting is cathartic and kicks up my creativity while calming my brain. My planners have allowed me to write things down and refer back rather than feel I have to bear the responsibility of recalling everything. I am a perpetual list maker. This organizer really exceeded my expectations and needs.

The company offers a variety of journals and options to enhance your ability to plan and document. Whether it be daily life, fitness, travel adventures, ideas, dreams and goals. If you are in the market for a great tool to help you organize your life or improve your accountability or consistency. Check them out.

If you already know about and use Commit30 products share your thoughts.




4 thoughts on “The Commit30 Planner Review

  1. Thanks for this info Melissa. I just happened to order a planner from Amazon. Not what I thought. I was trying to find something to motivate me more. I’m ordering one. Now if I us it, we shall see! 😀

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    1. You do have to use it…. but if you do, it works!


  2. I still love a planner/calendar. I have been using the Blue Sky from Amazon for 2 years. It’s a fav.

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    1. I will have to check it out! Thanks

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