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A De-Puffing Product I am Loving Right Now

So tribe, we all have experienced the curve balls and shenanigans life can throw our way. My recent hiatus from the blogosphere was caused by one such major life event. You see, in the short span of 14 days my Dad, my only remaining parent, was diagnosed with and died as a result of liver cancer. To say that we all were shocked and feeling shook is an understatement. As you may imagine between the crying and the lack of sleep my eyes were a mess.

Not only did they look a bit frightening with the swollen discoloration around my eyes. They were uncomfortable, feeling as if they were going to pop right out of my head.

Several months ago, on a whim I purchased Florence by Mills “Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads” at Ulta. I am always in the market for products that help an often sleep deprived gal like myself look fresh-faced. I put the container in my extra refrigerator for a bonus cooling effect and promptly forgot they were there.

Fast forward to my world imploding. I went searching about the extra refrigerator for an adult beverage one evening and stumbled upon them.

It was as if, in that moment, I had struck gold! I excitedly took the package out, opened it, plucked out two of the very cute lavender fish shaped pads and placed them under each eye. They feel a bit like a window cling: Gelatinous but firm with a bit of stretch and give. They are a little liquid like I imagine from whatever magic makes them work. There is no burn or sting. Just a cool refreshing treat for my sad eye area.

They stay pretty well in place, even if you don’t relax fully into a supine position. I managed to make said and very much needed adult drink and fuss about the house while the pads erased most of my hot mess express look.

I removed and disposed of the pads after 10-15 minutes and tossed them. Then I rubbed any remaining serum into my eye and orbital area.

I didn’t have high hopes for the pad’s ability to depuff my very swollen eye area but they felt wonderful. However, after I removed the pads I was pleasantly surprised with the results! My eyes looked tons better. Rather than look like a person who had been on a 3 day bender I looked like myself. I could even put eye makeup on if I wanted to without smearing it all over the folds of my previously swollen lids.

And yes folks in the midst of chaos I try to put myself together. It is more for my mental health and sense of control rather than vanity. I can wear my clothing and makeup like a coat of armor and shield to combat all of the painful happenings I cannot deter, stop or prevent. Judge me if you feel inclined.

At any rate, I am in love with this product and its power to give me a little quick restorative when I most need it. Even if you don’t have the same type of hectic happenings in your life we all have our own stuff going on. Stuff that prevents us from sleeping well, if at all. Stuff that brings tears. Or maybe just a wild fun night. Those are great too. Whatever it may be- I recommend this product.

Do you have a go-to routine or product for taking care of this over-tired, over-emotional, over-used look? Share it!



4 thoughts on “A De-Puffing Product I am Loving Right Now

  1. I’ve recently become a fan of the jade roller. Also nice when you keep it cooled.

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  2. You have my deepest condolences my friend. I’m so very sorry. I can’t even imagine how you feel ☹☹😢 I don’t really have a go to cream. I only put fresh aloe under my eyes and call it a day. Incredibly inexpensive and it works ❤

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    1. Believe or not aloe irritates me!


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