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Swimming through the fog

Me and you and Cancer

Sitting here together in the room

The doctor ice skating around us and Cancer.

But Cancer has made the room thick with things known and unknown, the spoken and not.

For if we say it aloud it makes it more real.

To acknowledge Cancer is here, to breathe vitality, relinquish power.

I fold Cancer’s report minutely in my hands. If I can make it disappear in my hands maybe it won’t be true.

You and I swimming in it

Trying to reach each other

And wrangle with the news

Steady ourselves for what’s to come

I put on a brave face for you.

Tensed and ready to spring into action

To be the warrior you will need

For the battle to come

With those in the room

And all the things unknown

3 thoughts on “Swimming through the fog

  1. This was written so hauntingly real, it brings me back to memories of the heaviness of fucking cancer and the power it holds over us! Both in the past and currently. Holding me hostage. Can relate to having to be the warrior for our loves. I’m sorry you are having to be in this Abyss. Hang on sweet girl. XO XO

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  2. As my sister says “FUCK Cancer!!” I hate it – it’s evil and cruel and ugh…
    Sending you lots of hugs, because love and support is all I can squish in here.

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