If I Forget Earrings I Feel Naked- Curse of the Well Accessorized

Anyone else out in the blogosphere nodding with me right now?

This is my truth.

I feel underdressed or incomplete without some form of accessory to compliment my clothing.

Referring to the full range of “clothing”. I even put stud earrings on to hit the beach. Several bracelets adorn each wrist and don’t come off and I just added a string anklet to the mix.

I cannot fathom not wearing or wanting to wear jewelry, or to switch it out, or to not care at all. I find no fault in people who don’t care for my fashion neuroticism but I truly don’t get it. You see for me an outfit is AN OUTFIT. Undergarments (or not), clothing, shoes, bag, possibly a belt, and  definitely jewelry. Reinforced by hair and makeup. I am curating an entire look.

Like lots of my other attributes, I am going to blame this on my mother. For as long as I can recall, even when we were broke, my mom found creative ways to always look on point. Her entire outfit may have been from yard sale piles but she intuitively knew how to coordinate and look well put together. She gifted those skills to me. That means we mixed and matched unabashedly. Designer married to Kmart. Real right next to costume. And yes, white after Labor Day. We would play and dabble and collect and swap and switch. Never bored. I continue this small legacy with her in mind.

I love that I have shared my joy of fashion with my daughter. She has curated her own looks from the age of 3, when she demanded adorning a tiara with every outfit. I love to see her play and combine costumes and clothing to fit whatever theme she’s imagined. I love that she is not afraid to proudly show just who she is. No shame. No fear. No care for the opinion of others. She does exactly what makes her happy.

I don’t mind my fashion fiendish behaviors. I embrace and celebrate my skills as part of who I am. I bask in the attention people pay me over a piece of my outfit or the entire look. I appreciate my focus on the chic. It reminds me, always that I am my mother’s daughter. Even when everyone but me hates my look, I don’t care. My opinion is the only one that truly matters.

Mr. Reinvention mostly appreciates my fashion fetish, though he himself prefers more of a classic look. I can recall some occasions where his frustration has mounted over my fashion crises. Outfits piled high on the bed. A trail of shoes lying throughout the house. A style war zone. I hate to admit, but there may have even been some tears a time or two.

Then, there have been times of fashion faux pas. Where a shoe has broken or a piece of jewelry lost. I have purchased new shoes while out or managed barefoot. I have attached stolen pencil erasers to earrings as backs. Once I survived a full on Janet Jackson moment at a crowded water park.

My friends playfully tease that I am the only one who could and would buy and wear some of my crazy garb. But I love that! I love being quirky and on trend. Or better yet ahead of the trend!

I am not ashamed to say, I have sacrificed comfort and function for the sake of feeling en vogue. I wore 4 inch heels into my 7 month of pregnancy! Though 10 years later most of those beauties have retired.

I may be slightly more sensible now but I still have a passion for couture. I love feeling beautifully me. Draped in my creative threads.

Successful execution of a look boosts my confidence! I walk taller and embody the bad ass bitch that I am.

I am Melissa, fashion whore and I feel naked without my earrings. The first step is admitting, right?

What are your attitudes about fashion and trends? Are you a form and function gal or glitz, glam and wow lady? Do you think it’s possible to have both?



7 thoughts on “If I Forget Earrings I Feel Naked- Curse of the Well Accessorized

  1. Little Miss Short Stuff December 10, 2019 — 4:57 pm

    And here I am over here with only one ear pierced because the other closed up years ago and I haven’t been bothered to get it re-pierced. lol

    Great post!

    XO Steph

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  2. Seriously, WHEN are we getting those lattes? I had a near stroke yesterday because I realized that I had left the house with only ONE (of three) earrings in. And this morning, one tried to make a run for it… I’m less fussed about clothes than I used to be – call it body by Michelin Man, or just not running in those crowds any more. I miss wearing scrubs more than I miss heels. But yeah – when you freaking feel amazing, it shows. I may (or may not, I’ll never tell) have gone through 4 different shirt options for my “lab tour”.

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    1. Sounds like we r kindred spirits! I love that there r so many cute sneakers and leggings for comfy options these days!

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  3. I love this. I love that you make an effort and that fashion brings you joy. I struggle, I admit. Of late, I’ve managed to add wearing a bracelet and occasionally changing my earrings. I do not, however, dress well. Still struggling with the idea that I’ll be fashionable when I’m perfect. I do love shiny, glossy magazines. But I love that this brings you joy and that you’ve passed that joy to your daughter.

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    1. Thanks- I agree walking that line of enjoying accessorizing yourself but recognizing u r beautiful regardless and perfect is a joke…… I just love pretty things! Lol

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  4. I have been wanting to respond to this and put it off. I have always admired and a bit jealous of both you and your mom. Always appeared to be so put together, “fashionistas”. So beautiful, rightfully so. When your mom and I would get ready for something together, I would be ready in 5 minutes and wait for her! Ha! My mom, when she was younger and still now put on her lipstick, put on her earrings, hair brushed, nothing glamorous but I always thought she was beautiful. I left home very young and took on my own style, 70’s, teen mom, mostly lots of blue eye shadow, occasionally eye liner, rarely lipstick. I was made fun of because my lips were full and didn’t want to highlight that fact. Now, I am all about comfort so I tend to dress the same, slap on a little foundation, a pair of earrings only when I leave the house. I know I don’t really put a lot of effort into my “style”. I always say I don’t have anyone to impress. But don’t I? I do know how it makes me feel when I put effort into how I look. Thanks for making me think about it.

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    1. Now people pay big $$ for those full lips! I say however u feel comfortable and beautiful- whatever that looks like!


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