Lash Out!

Why is it that most men are gifted with the darkest, thickest, longest eyelashes ever while we ladies work overtime to achieve that doe-eyed look?

Not fair, right?

Mascara has been a part of my makeup routine from the very beginning. It was one of the first make up products my mom allowed me to use. It has managed to stick around through some very bad eyeliner phases. Who remembers the days of lining the inner lid of your eye with blues, teals and purples. Or perhaps my venture into liquid liner where I looked like Amy Winehouse before that was a desirable trendy look. giphy-2


Mascara has been a constant for me. And though I’ve played with applying falsies, fiber mascara, eyelash extensions and yes even those ridiculous magnetic lashes I always return to my old stand by mascara.

I will occasionally use falsies if I really want to amp up a look or if I am in costume. Personally, I find application to be tricky. I begin by removing the lash from packaging and trimming in length as needed. Next, I gently bend the lash to make it more pliable. Finally, I adhere as closely as possible to my lash line and apply a lash glue over top as if drawing on a liquid eyeliner. I then apply any other desired makeup and finish with a setting spritz.

The fiber mascara I don’t hate but use very rarely. I do like the look of the larger than life drama they provide but find the fibers make a bit of a mess. I have also found that the longevity of the fiber mascara is questionable so for me it’s best used for an easy evening out where I won’t be dancing on tables or potentially breaking a sweat.

I dabbled in lash extensions only once. While I enjoyed them I didn’t love them and still found myself applying mascara daily. I couldn’t justify the cost because I felt so “meh” about them. Removing them at home was a horrible idea. Ultimately, they left damage to my lashes that took a bit to self-repair. Now I see many women wearing them and frankly I think they look a little too much. I, personally do not want to look like fuzzy caterpillars are camping out on my eyelids in “I woke up like this” fashion but apparently lots of ladies do. So do you, Boo.


And those magnetic falsies….I mean do I really need to expound on that purchase? Don’t drink and shop. Enough said.

Back to my staple: Mascara

My mascara journey began with Max Factor “2000 Calorie” in blackest black and waterproof. That was the product my mom swore by. Occasionally good marketing would lead me astray but I stuck with that brand through high school. Then Max Factor disappeared from my local stores and I spent a few years trying to find a new brand that I loved. Most products left me wanting more. More length, more volume and less clump. Fruitless searches for “The One” left this gal frustrated.

That is until I met Benefit’s “They’re Real”. My mom gave it to me as a gift. I was instantly hooked! That was my introduction into becoming loyal to a moderately priced brand and dabbling in beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta. I have tried all of products in the Benefit’s mascara line including “Roller Lash” and “Bad Girl Bang” but I always return to my first love in black. The only potential drawback. Waterproof versions of these products do not exist. If waterproof is a must for you, simply apply a finishing coat of a waterproof mascara of your choice and you’re all set.

What I love about Benefit’s “They’re Real” is the rich color, application ease (it’s never clumpy), volume and length. This product has great longevity! It remains as is for 16 hours plus (this I can attest to with repeat experiments to back me up). I can finally have all the fabulousness!

My current application routine for my daily look is a quick curl press with a traditional lash curler then Urban Decay’s lash primer “Subversion”, followed by a coat of Benefit’s “Roller Lash” and finishing with a coat (two if I’m really want to play up my lashes) of Benefit’s “They’re Real”. That may sound like it takes a lot of time but truth be told it’s under ten minutes. My finished lashes look long and luscious without being scary.


I’ve recently dabbled in Thrive Cosmetics mascara’s “Liquid Lash Extensions”. I like the product when coupled with my go to primer. However, the removal of the Thrive mascara is tricky. The product does not remove easily even with an oil based remover. I found that with regular use of this product my lashes were thinning and coming out with the stubborn remaining mascara.

So, dolls- what are your thoughts on the latest and greatest lash products available? Is mascara a part of your daily eye makeup routine? What products are your “must have’s”? Share with us!

xxxxxxxx- Stay gorgeous!



5 thoughts on “Lash Out!

  1. I am still working on managing a decent eyeliner! Honestly – I’m more of a nial polish and chapstick gal – which will horrify some. It’s OK – someone has to be “low” on the totem pole.

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    1. I love lip stains. I find a lot of chapsticks somehow make weird lip boogers in the corners of my mouth. IDK if that is even a thing but I have issues! Check out next Tuesday’s post though- an ode’ to the nails!

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  2. Oooh, nails! Girl, you know how to hit me in the heart.

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  3. I don’t have much of a makeup routine – a swipe of blush and I’m good, save for one thing: mascara. I’m with you. Love it. I want the lashes long and thick. It’s the latter I’m really searching for. I’m going to try out some of your suggestions. Currently, I have two favourites in rotation, one Revlon (Volumazing) and one L’Oreal (because I’m worth it lol) (Lash Paradise). But really for me, of late, it’s all about the moisturizer. Thanks, fifty.

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