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My Hair Guru and Me

An important part of my beauty self- care routine is regular visits to my hair stylist.

I am currently rocking a pixie cut in icy platinum. Without regular intervention I start to look a little I’m trying to emulate Einstein.

Besides that, I enjoy having a professional assist in creating my look. Making my vision a reality.

A talented stylist is a gift. Their skill can assist you in actualizing a better version of you. Often your stylist becomes your friend. Someone you enjoy spending time with. Someone you care about.

My hair appointments are beneficial for me on multiple levels. I allow myself to be pampered and taken care of, guilt free while we gab away and catch up on the happenings in each other’s lives. It’s a light and enjoyable visit. I leave my stylist feeling gorgeous, positive and empowered.

If I have the means and the time for a visit every seven  weeks than there should be no reason for me to feel over indulgent or undeserving of this level of self-care. Why shouldn’t I feel confident, beautiful and well groomed?

I recognize throughout our lives our priority of personal care and our ability to commit to regular professional hair appointments may fluctuate.  I wholeheartedly implore my tribe to find and forge a relationship with a cosmetology professional and visit on a regular basis.

You may be wondering, why?

Well, here is my rationale:

  • A first visit with a stylist can be a lot like sex with a new partner. The first time can be a little awkward. You’re getting to know each other. You’re trying to figure out each other’s communication styles, likes and dislikes. If you never stick with one professional you’re not really able to assess their full range of talent.
  • Unless you have some skill or knowledge in the art of hair often home treatments look like exactly that. Products for home use are not the same quality of professional grade and they can cause lasting damage to your hair.
  • There are tons of options! You can find someone who is the perfect fit for you at a range of price points. However, bear in mind that these professionals are using their time, tools and talent and deserve to be compensated appropriately. In other words, don’t be cheap!
  • Do your research. Look around at other peoples’ looks you admire and ask for recommendations. Find images of what look you are aiming to achieve. Make sure you are comfortable paying the salon prices. Book time for a consultation. Be ready to discuss your goals and be realistic in if they are achievable.
  • Trust that a professional’s goal is to make you look incredible. You are a live advertisement for them. A true cosmetology expert will tell you if a style, cut or color is a bad idea for you and why. Like that time I thought a perm would be a great idea! We lay people don’t understand the science and process of beautification.
  • You deserve to feel confident, fresh and sexy in life! This is not a dress rehearsal! Looking good on the outside boosts how we feel on the inside!

So, my friends go forth and kiss your beauty-makers, or at least say thank you. If you don’t have a regular check in with a professional find the time and the special person to make all of your coif dreams a reality.

Keeping it right!




3 thoughts on “My Hair Guru and Me

  1. This was great. I actually have a stylist I love though I don’t visit him often enough. It takes time to find the right one but you are correct; they are worth their weight in gold.

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  2. I thought of this after of course…… but another way I maintain consistent check ins is by making my next appointment before I leave my current appointment with stylist.


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