The Sweetest Saturdays

The bedroom is that hazy blue grey of early morning.  The air thick with the in between of dreams and slumber juxtaposed by the possibility of the unfolding day. The aura that lulls you into staying in bed and lazing for just a bit more time. Just a few more minutes cozy and snuggled into the toasty pillows and blankets.

I realize in rolling and stretching that I am alone in our bed. I luxuriously stretch and arch, throwing myself diagonal across the king size mattress, simply because I can. The smell of biscuits baking and coffee brewing wafting under the door. Beckoning me to cajole myself up toward the kitchen.

I hang back and listen quietly to my two favorite people in the whole world. Listen with contentment, small smile across my lips to their adorable Daddy-daughter exchanges. The way they exist without my influence or presence. Their tone to each other. Little jokes, questions and answers, discussions. I love listening in on who and how they engage. It is like witnessing my own life. The best things I have done. Him and her. It tickles my soul and warms my heart to no end.

I spring up. The sounds and smells of the world outside the peaceful bedroom way too enticing to miss out on any longer.

I love mornings like this.

Gratitude and joy pours forth from me and spills into the unfolding day.

What are your sweet spots in life?



9 thoughts on “The Sweetest Saturdays

  1. Love this love!

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  2. This is incredibly sweet ❤❤ I have my pup Onyx and one of my favorite things is when I wake up and look over see him staring at me from his bed. He’s probably been awake for a while but he waits patiently for me to wake up. He doesn’t want to disturb me ❤🐕🐶


    1. Dogs are so in tune to their humans! They know just what we need!


  3. That’s a glorious way to wake up. Sweet spots are when something clicks in my brain, and I understand the problem/learning I’m trying to get up to speed on. The wee kitty curling up on my shoulder and purring herself to sleep. The big torie resting on my hip, sharing warmth. Watching my husband and a grandon play together, or seeing them nap. Little things add up.

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    1. Totally agree! Those little moments of contentment.

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  4. What a lovely morning. What a fantastic memory.

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  5. Melissa you so eloquently write with such description and passion. I can smell the coffee and biscuits baking and feel the love you have for your family.
    Sweet spots for me are listening to my granddaughters play together when they don’t know I’m there, their conversation is so innocent and fearless. Snuggling on the couch, sitting quietly with nature and a very hearty belly laugh, with tears and sometimes pee! 😄

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    1. these are the things that make life!


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