What She Said- Beauty

Well, here we are. Monday evening and I am trying to bang this first post out in the middle of a hectic, crazy  and full day……To me this is procrastination and it’s making me a little nutty.

To lots of other people this is just how things get done.

And so I am literally surrounded by an untidy kitchen, in my still Halloween spirited home, typing this out now because Mr. and Baby Reinvention are at Tae Kwon Do and it’s blissfully quiet.

I thought it may be fun to do a lighter weekly post because, well, bluntly put- I recognize that I am a lot. My posts are often emotionally intense and jarring. And while I am happy to go down that cathartic road with you, that is not all of who I am. I am presuming the same of you.

I know my tribespeople are colorful and rich in emotional range and texture. So let’s take a few minutes weekly to perk up a bit.

Hence,  health and beauty talk. Or as I am dubbing it “Keeping It Right and Tight Tuesdays”.

This is a place where I will discuss some of my adventures and misadventures in the realm of products, services, exercises, diet, clothing…….The whole gamut of looking good to feel good.

While I have loads of material to discuss (I am not afraid to try weird shit if it may bring me results!). I thought an interesting place to begin would be with the quote first attributed to Margaret Wolfe Hungerford “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Implying that beauty is subjective. I am hyperaware of that implication but this recent pondering and traversing back through my life and my perceptions of beauty has left me with the realization that for many many years I allowed others to define my sense of beauty both internally and externally. I recognize that we cannot exist in a bubble unswayed by our constant interactions with society but at what point do we say “Fuck that, I like what I like. I AM THE BEHOLDER! Or at least the one who should matter most to me.”

I think personally, I am newly arrived at this place of freedom. I have acquired the power of owning and rocking my unique expression of beauty, however I want. The change is not in what I like or how I wear what I choose to wear.  I have marched to the beat of my own fashion drum for a long time. The difference is that now I am embracing being the beholder for my beauty. Rather than solely attempting to elicit an emotional reaction or acceptance in others. How did I finally take my power back? Honestly, I am not entirely sure. I think I just stopped living my life according to anyone’s opinions but my own. Perhaps a gift of wisdom at turning 40. The “Zero Fucks Club” was coined between myself and some girlfriends as we all began to recognize this conclusion. I need to live for me. My happiness matters. My dreams matter. I matter. And life is short.

With that being said, here are some things that make me feel beautiful right now:

  • My body is stronger and in better shape than it has ever been. I feel healthy and full of vitality.
  • I love finding interesting pieces of clothing then curating an outfit that is a total “Wow” look.
  • My daughter once told me that my eyes are like snowflakes. I would have to agree.
  • Playing with different makeup styles, hair colors and clothing is a fun way for me to express myself creatively.
  • I adore every single tattoo that is part of me.

I think this is a great jumping off point for our new Tuesday easy breezy content. Let’s make it more fun by sharing one thing about yourself that makes you feel beautiful.

xxxxxxx- Own your gorgeous!



6 thoughts on “What She Said- Beauty

  1. My recent weight loss, 30 lbs! feels beautiful. I’ve always been strong, but feeling strong and more feminine, lithe and graceful is really a gorgeous feeling. Plus, being able to wear different clothes always feels terrific!

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    1. Isn’t it incredible how a shift like that can alter your whole self perception?! I feel a lot healthier with some of the diet adjustments I’ve i made.


  2. Funny, I was thinking of a similar post. Hmm… I think there’s a lot to be said for owning who you are and telling everyone else to piss off. I really don’t care if *you* don’t like my wild hair, I like it. What’s the magic phrase? “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.”

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    1. Yes, I love that phrase! I wish it didn’t take me so long to figure it out!

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  3. I am currently a work in progress with all of that. On the + side of 64, you would think I would give a rats ass of what people think. Most times I guess. At this point, comfort is my friend. Definitely need to work on getting stronger, at least feeling stronger and caring more about my presentation, for me! Thanks!

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    1. It’s really hard to shake what we’ve been told to do or look like our whole life! Yes to comfort!!! But now lots of cute things are comfortable so you don’t truly have to sacrifice! We can have it all!!! Lol


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