I’m turning a YEAR!!

Reinvention is a Mutha is turning ONE YEAR this month! Squeal!

What a year it’s been. I have learned so much from plunging into the blogosphere, frankly, scared shit. Plagued by huge fear and anxiety that I would suck. I would fail. No one would read my blog or relate to it and I would be left floundering.

But none of that happened. So thank you a million times over for your support! It is of incredible, irreplaceable value to me. Forever in gratitude to Jessie for forcing the blog to exist with the homework assignment of just doing it. P.S. Check her blog and courses out!

Thinking about this upcoming birthday left me reminiscent and hopeful for what’s to come. It also ignited further motivation for me to continue my growth as a writer. I just needed to consider what avenues of ideas I wanted to pursue. I have several notebooks full of ideas that came sputtering out of me day and night, especially when I felt so lost.

First though, a little of what have I learned:

  1. Just keep going. Forget the stats. Fuck the SEO, plug-ins, links, Pinterest and all the other overwhelming stuff and just let the blog take its own form. Allow organic growth. Embrace the baby steps, the mini-successes, the perceived fails and the ride. Stay true to your initial goal.
  2. Support or lack there of may come from places you least expect.
  3. There will be creative lulls and they will pass.
  4. But- Inspiration is literally EVERYWHERE!
  5. For me, CONNECTION is prime.
  6. Authenticity is key, even if it’s ugly or unpopular.
  7. I AM a spiritual and powerful being constantly growing and entirely capable of a span of emotions.
  8. There is an entire community of supportive beings in the blogosphere. This beautiful community has injected me with motivation and confidence to follow my path to reinvention.
  9. My blog has become another avenue of self-discovery.
  10. For the people in the back: Just keep going!

What is next? I feel ready to take on and breathe life into some other writing projects. I have recently returned to an idea that came to me in a time I was inundated with deep grief and sorrow. My next undertaking will be to create a journal full of writing prompts to galvanize people much like my self, or at least my former self. People who feel lost or stuck. People who feel they are at a spiritual, emotional and physical cross roads. People looking for a guide to reinvention. Expand the tribe!

I am also going to investigate avenues for reaching further into the world. Maybe that means learning more about all that background marketing work that intimidates me. But maybe not.

Now that I have more confidence as a writer I may delve into freelance work.

As you can see tribe, I am still reinventing and from this side of a year I hope I never stop.

Share with me your own journey of reinvention. Share with me any ideas you may have for mine. I am open.

Thanks for hanging with me and I hope you stick around for more!



9 thoughts on “I’m turning a YEAR!!

  1. OK so I have all of your posts in my Reinvention file. I go back to read them again from time to time. You definitely have a talent for writing. You have accomplished in 1 Year what I have wanted to do for probably 15-20 years. I admire and am in awe of you. I look forward to reading what ever you write, and your new direction sounds like something I will very interested in. Looking for someone lost, stuck or at a crossroad “again”? Here I am… 🙂 I’m so grateful you didn’t give up and continued to do what you obviously do so well.
    I’ve had more than a few reinventions in my 64+ years I guess. I was telling myself I am too old to have another, but God I hope not. Look forward to reading what’s next! Love, Deb

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    1. thank you so much for always being my cheerleader! it’s never too late, right?


  2. Looove it! Congratulations, and that’s one hell of an idea, creating a journal with writing prompts! Let me know when it’s available, because yeah – there are days I can’t move myself to think of three great things about my life or what have you.
    I will say this – going back to any kind of education is kind of a shock, but it’s fully worth it. I don’t care if it’s the “paint in your ballgown” type of class – do it.

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    1. Yes, I am fully into enrichment courses. Thus far I’ve taken voice lessons and drawing classes. I just don’t feel compelled to go for a degree at this time. Thank you so much! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops when the journal is complete.

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  3. Happy Birthday Babe! 1 year!!!! You help me in many ways. Sometimes in my darkest times your 11:11 comes up. Thanks for continuing on. Love you!

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    1. That’s so powerful! I appreciate that so very much!


  4. Happy Blogiversary Melissa! I truly enjoy reading your blogs and I relate with you on so many levels. I love how open and honest you are. It can be scary starting your own blog. Makes us very vulnerable. You’re doing an amazing job. Make you continue to write and have much success my friend 🌻🦋❤. Venture out, the world is your oyster!


    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your feedback and support!


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