So. Much. Wasted. Time…..

How much time do I spend searching out things to make me feel:




When everything I could ever need or want is within arm’s reach.

The people whom I love more than any thing in this entire universe

Are right here and now.

Yet, often I am not.

I am predicting and planning the future

Or rewriting the past.

But the present,

The present is an unfamiliar place for me.

The now often evades me

For reasons I don’t entirely understand.

Even though I am fully aware

That remaining in the here and now

Is key to my peace and contentment.

I abandon the current

That which I cannot control

For the illusion of command

Over what once was

Or what may be.

And the cost is steep.

For I will never get my moments back.



7 thoughts on “So. Much. Wasted. Time…..

  1. Oh, Hun… This is heartbreaking. i understand it, but it’s still painful. I’m sorry you’re in this space.

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  2. Thanks. I appreciate that. One of my goals is being present in the moment and it’s tricky!

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  3. This is perfect. The now is a really hard place to be.

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  4. This is beautifully written ❤❤

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