Being Content Just Being

I returned on Monday from a deliciously relaxing girl’s only weekend in the serene surroundings of Jekyll Island, Georgia.

My return happened to coincide with the first day of Baby Reinvention’s week long Tae Kwon Do camp.

As a full time mom who homeschools I relished the “me” time. I did whatever I wanted. Which turned out to be a lot of nothing. No grand plans. Just being. I had to stop myself multiple times from feeling guilty that I wasn’t taking advantage of the time and doing some ambitious writing or cleaning or whatever other projects I pondered to occupy myself. Nope, I just wanted to be. And so I did.

My free time was bizarre and foreign but lovely. I recharged my battery with reading and hanging out in my home. And once I surmounted my feelings of guilt I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I honored my desires. New territory for me.

Just being. With me. No expectations. No time crunch or hectic scheduling. I am learning how to exist in this state of inner quiet and peace. One where I do not have to continuously distract myself from myself. A place where I can enjoy my own solace.

While next week’s activities declare “Forward March! Back to the grind!”. In this moment I am typing this on my patio couch, soaking up the morning sun and the sounds of life happening around me and I am content.

Utterly content with my time of lingering, puttering and pondering.

Do you ever do nothing, intentionally? What does your state of being look like?




5 thoughts on “Being Content Just Being

  1. Melissa, I’m glad you had a weekend of doing nothing. You deserved it my friend. You’re a full time Mom so you definitely deserved the time to yourself. I’m glad you did that. I don’t have kids and I feel guilty when I have just a few hours or doing nothing. I’m always busy. Yes I do take a day when I do nothing. Well, I try but it never last the whole day

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  2. thanks! the thing i most want to shift out of is the i feel obligated to do. i am not sure when this happened within me- this guilt for just being but that is a feeling i really want to get away from.


  3. Being content with your own company and appreciating that is an amazing place to be.

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