Bigger Fish to Fry

Complete honesty.

As of recent, I have not been as emotionally invested in my writing my blog or my connection to other bloggers.

Why is that you ask?

Several reasons.

Firstly, this time of year (end of June- early July) is an emotional rollercoaster. I have my two favorite people in the whole universe celebrating birthdays. Of course, America’s birthday. Then a nosedive into the anniversary of my mother dying. To say I am emotionally frayed is generous.

Secondly, somehow I incorrectly assumed that for summer we would slow down our activities a bit. Then, I picked up a little side gig and committed to some social causes and planned some group homeschooling activities on top of regular life necessities. So there went that idea. Apparently, I have yet to master the art of “balance”- sigh……

Thirdly, for the first time since my high school days I have the desire and motivation to become active in aforementioned social causes that I feel strongly toward. I am grateful to rediscover this part of myself that was dormant for quite some time. I know that may sound bizarre and contrary. The events we are witnessing in today’s times…… I have no adequate words. It is terrifying to envision “The Handmaid’s Tale” as a potential reality rather than a far- fetched piece of dystopian work. But I feel invigorated with the fact that I am once again willing to stand for something on a larger scale than getting my coupon discounts applied at the grocery checkout.

All of those reasons multiplied by the numerous variables of adulting equals an expression that results in a realization. There is just not enough of me to stretch that far. I cannot overextend myself, nor do I choose to. And that is ok.

So friends, I am apologizing for being neglectful but proud that I have managed not to spin myself into a tornado of anxiety because I have over scheduled and I MUST finish that infinitely grandiose “To Do” list. I am worthy and valuable exactly as I am. Though healthy, lively and energetic I am a finite resource and I deserve to pause, recharge and live……

I feel very strongly that the social causes I am leaning into are invaluable to my journey, my child’s present, and all of our futures. I waffled (and still am, if I am being completely honest) on whether or not to share my societal concerns here, with you all. I don’t want my position to be misconstrued or politicized. I am not out to change any minds. I just feel compelled to act according to my heart.

So, here goes- I am deeply saddened and disgusted by the fact that we have human beings scattered throughout our great country who are being held in cages. It sickens me that we have degraded and devalued the fact that they are human beings and that we are treating them worse than we treat treacherous prisoners or livestock. I am especially jarred by the numbers of children in these cages or the fact that there are children in cages at all. I will reserve my opinion of right or wrong of detainees and the immigration issue as a whole. The simple fact is this: Ultimately, they are human beings. No one deserves be treated so horribly. We are America. We can and should do better. If we are to live up to the “Greatest Country In the World” boast then we need to do better. We are setting in motion a tidal wave of traumatized adults and children. The repercussions of which our own children and the entire world will drown in.

If you share my sentiment, great. If you don’t, well may I suggest, teasing out all the other bullshit attached to this issue and imagine the innocent children. Scared, sick, hungry, lonely, neglected children.

Do you deserve to be judged and treated according to the actions of your parents or family? Do you deserve to be judged and tried and punished on things beyond your control? Then, how can anyone possibly justify what is currently happening to children?

I will not look away. Neither should you. Whatever your lean is. Whatever your passion is. Contribute. We all have the ability to create a butterfly effect of our own choosing. Even doing nothing creates an effect. An effect you have no control over because you chose comfort and stagnation.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi



5 thoughts on “Bigger Fish to Fry

  1. Sending you all kinds of love Lady. You do you and keep your head high. We’ll be here when your ready. Xoxo

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  2. We are in dark days. I appreciate that you are following your beliefs and your passion and standing up. I look forward to hearing more about this journey.


    1. Thank you! To be continued…..

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  3. I love this, even as I mourn the fact that we, the “Give me your tired and huddled masses, yearning to be free” (probably not accurately quoted) and turned it into “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. It’s so ugly and hateful, and it constantly breaks my heart.
    You do what you need to. We’re part of a blog family, who understand that sometimes writing isn’t THE priority of the day. Maybe the priority is having 5 minutes of alone time to recharge. That’s good. That’s healthy. We love you, and aren’t going anywhere – unless there’s some mass event at these “detention” centers…
    We treat the homeless with more compassion, and that’s saying something.

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