Here goes the third attempt at this assignment. Assignment is a loose version of the “take away” prompt provided by the leader of a weekly writing group I participate in called “The Writing Gym”. This is the first time I have been so strongly inclined to create something from the take home prompt. Yet my products feel weak as I reread the drafts. My output is dull and limp and scattered. Frustrated, I put the notebook away and continue to mull “sisterhood” around.

I feel so strongly about the prompt because I feel so passionate about sisterhood. Specifically, mine but also in general. The value and importance of committing to the idea and participating in being a part of a group of women is something all of us females need in our lives. One would think that this would be an integral part of the lessons we learn as tiny girls. How much we need other women to grow and thrive. On the contrary, often we are told directly or indirectly that we cannot trust each other. That we should look to men for validation and fulfillment. Some of us are even taught that we of the female gender are enemies in a twisted Darwinism sort of way. This makes me terribly sad. Sad for the people who are imparting these dangerous myths onto the future of our world. Sad for the little girls who see an enemy where a sister is standing.

I know without any reservation that part of these reason I am exactly here, now, as I am is because of my longstanding sisterhood. They are indispensable and invaluable to me. My female clan is second only to my spouse and my child. Every single memory in the vault of my life includes a sister. My girls and I are intertwined permanently.  Our lives intricately woven with bright and colorful fabrics, abstract and as unique as each of us. We have walked through a range of adventures, experiences and tribulations over the climate of our lives. I trust these women implicitly. Some wonderfully profound gifts and blessings, elevating us all spiritually. We rally and celebrate. Some tragedies that shatter and destroy. Requiring the mending and carrying, soldier-like until we are able to stand on our own once again. Whatever the scenario we are there. Ever-present. Sometimes as unassuming as the net below the stupendous acrobats of a circus flying trapeze act. Other times fierce as a mama bear protecting her brood.

My sisterhood is a group of women who mostly know each other through me. Women I have had the serendipity of encountering through life. Stumbling into love and adoration with them and them with me for any variety of reasons. But mostly the connection I feel is to their hearts. Their guts. Our souls draw together in a way I don’t always understand. But I cherish and embrace that heartstring. We  have stuck to each other, collected each other. The frequency of our interactions, variable. Yet we are ride or die ready, always. Don’t even have to ask twice.

My sisterhood exalts in laughing deep belly laughs until we pee ourselves, snort laugh, cry or all three. We honor authenticity and honesty. Be exactly who you are, where you are. You are safe.

Safe enough to stick blueberries in your nose. Safe enough to skinny dip. Safe enough to divulge details on all things relationship, parenting, sex and family drama. Safe enough to split yourself wide open and assess the contents. Safe enough to grow your dreams inside like a womb. Safe enough to lick your wounds of a failure. There is nothing off limits in my tribe. There is nothing I can’t bring to my ladies.

We wreathe around each other. Get savage in truth and reality. There’s no sugar coating here. Give love and support and keep growing. We are like an all female pioneer times wagon train. We circle up for protection in the dark of night and keep it moving when the sun is up and we can see the landscape ahead.

The knowledge and power of a group who loves you so fiercely and unconditionally, even though they don’t have to. That’s set the universe on fire type of magic.

That is my sisterhood.

Never could I repay or adequately express my gratitude for their constant unwavering backing. The closest I will come is to continue to be one of my tribe. Be present. For it all.

May we continue to make vibrant memories together. Giving our partners and kids pause when we say we are just “running out to Target together” or just having a “Mom’s dinner out” or a “relaxing weekend away”. They know us all too well. They know what happens when set the universe on fire magic gets together. May we continue to be each others’ pillars. May we continue to blossom and burst forth together teaching the younger ones how vital these strongholds are to the quality of our existence. Sisterhood.

I love you soul sisters!



4 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Crystal Coulson March 21, 2019 — 8:02 pm

    Right on Sister!!!!! Scheduling monthly dates is a must!!!

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  2. Very nice sis


  3. No better description of sisterhood. To have that undeniable trust, a safe haven, and love. Someone to have your back. To feel comfortable in the company of those sisters that anything goes. I miss that so very much. But, I am grateful that I did have that wonderful “sisterhood “ and one day, I will once again experience it if I’m lucky. Thank you so well written! ❤️💕❤️

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    1. I hope you do soon too Deb! xoxox


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