You would have been

25 on the 26th of this month

But you won’t be

Because you’re not here, alive

Energetically or angelically perhaps

Void where a physical presence is supposed to be

Where I want you to be

Here, alive

Even if miles distanced us

Continents separated us

Technology could close the gaps

Keep us intertwined and engaged

Awaiting reunification holiday or birthday visits

Relevant and attentive in each other’s lives

Though try I might I cannot traverse the world where you are

There is no technology for me to plug into

No mode of transportation to bring us back together

No way for me to connect with you

Ground you

Root you back close to me

Where you belong

Make you relevant in my present, my future

Your current relevance is in your absence

And the aftermath of your death

The little signs we find out in nature

Feathers, birds, butterflies, clouds, rainbows, dolphins

Signs in a language I don’t quite understand

I simply feel they mean love, support

An embrace from beyond

I can’t help but yearn for more

Though I’ve accepted the impossibility

The finality

The reality

Of you never growing

Yonder your death.

2 thoughts on “You would have been

  1. Crying hearts forever…. 💔

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The emptiness of once was. 😢💞

    Liked by 1 person

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