Dropping Some Verse

Writing captured me first with poetry. Even as a child I wrote poetry. My poems evolved as I grew and changed from a little girl creating cutesy rhyming verse to a teenager spilling emotions onto a page like dumping paint and creating a picture. I stopped writing poetry when I entered college. For a million different reasons. All of which were utter bullshit. The heart of the matter was that I was uninspired. I shut down my creative self in order to pursue my non creative goals. At that time I did not see that there could be room in my life for both.

I began writing poetry sparsely after my brother died. I continue to now. Sometimes I become so inspired by words that I stop what I am doing to write them down, I get up out of bed and get them out onto paper before my slumber erases their existence.

I am going to begin to share some of my poetry here. I have never shared my poetry before, other than allowing people close to me access. Though it may seem hard to believe, it is a real vulnerability for me to expose myself emotionally. It is deeply frightening. I would rather stand in Times Square naked than expose myself emotionally. Which is exactly why I need to put myself out here. Over and over and over again. Vulnerability is not weakness.

So enjoy the change of pace. Here comes some poetry. Feel free to share your own.



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