New Addition

One of my original inspirations back when I was flailing around trying to discern my next move and shedding my old skin was the idea of collecting the stories of some of the amazing people I had encountered. In my imagination the stories would tell of trials and tribulations, celebrations and devastations that shaped who they became and how. I was so  excited by the idea of illuminating all of the brave, strong incredible people who shared a piece of their story with me then translating those stories so that the millions of people out in the world could relate and connect. Through these tales people may be able to plug into something rather than feel estranged and alone. I can distinctly recall that this was the first idea that had genuinely gripped and impassioned me. It was one of the first times since my mom died that I felt capable of changing my course. I felt sure of my decision to leave my career and start afresh.

Then I began to research how to create such a compilation and I became overwhelmed and intimidated. So I decided to put that idea on hold until I had more experience sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings with the world via writing. Hence, the birth of this blog.

However, Saturday night at an unreasonable hour because sleep evades me often, I was struck with another idea that energized me. I thought “Why don’t I start these conversations with my friends now? Why don’t I begin to tell these stories now through my blog?”. I put out a call to action on Facebook and I received my first volunteer.

This is a shift away from the weekly sprinkling of whatever possesses me to write about in my growth process. But only a slight shift. I am going to be posting these stories about once a month I think. There will be a variety of voices and experiences, all of them rich in self reflection. I will try to convey my conversations with our guests so that their voices ring true. The goal is to show each of us how easily we can connect with so many different types of people. To expose how much more alike we all truly are. How we have the capacity to be strong and survive just about anything. That strength and determination takes many forms. There are many different paths to reinvention.

All of the people gracious enough to allow me to put their own hearts on my blog are part of my tribe. I love and value them all immensely. Each has gifted me with love and insight in some way, though they may not recognize their worth.

So tribe, be ready to open your hearts and minds to my guests.



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