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Can We Just Let It Breathe?!

A few weeks ago I was stopping for a Starbuck’s caffeine fix in the trendy tourist beach city of Delray Beach. Striding up the sidewalk, something in my periphery causes me to turn my head…..


The city is putting up the monstrous 100 foot Christmas tree?! Now. October 15th.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the slang phrase, allow me to illuminate. According to “Let It Breathe” happens “when people are on your pussy (I switched out from male genitalia) so much that it starts to run out of oxygen and you just need to let it breathe”.

Now, before you call me a grinch. You must know I love the holidays! Christmas is in my top 3 to celebrate, right after Halloween and my birthday.

I can’t put the entire blame on the City of Delray Beach. They are just trying to capitalize on tourist season to maximize their bottom line. And they are not alone. Many of the stores I frequent are engaging in this practice of pushing the holidays early.

Looking at you Costco, Walmart, JC Penney! Sigh- yes, even you Target….

What does this mean? Well, besides the fact that poor schmucks like us get caught up in all the commercialized hype and spend more money on holiday merchandise. Is this a reflection of how we live our lives today?

I would say, begrudgingly, yes. We as a society are in constant motion. Rushing forward in the great race to have the most, the best, the latest and greatest stuff and experiences. We do not know how to “Let It Breathe”.

I think if we are honest we all can admit that collectively we suck at living in the moment and being present. And I don’t care if you have a t-shirt or a journal that says differently. I call bullshit! It’s not a matter of “if” but more like “how often”. How often am I not living in the here and now?

This chronic insatiable consumption is promoted, even celebrated everywhere we turn. And we engage willingly and stupidly.

We visit the 100 foot Christmas tree in October. We buy the Halloween candy in August. We go on dates where we don’t speak to each other but instead connect to our 3,000 social media friends. We have entire days without  one single moment of now instead of our minds propelling into groceries or laundry or the latest season of “Empire”. We live our moments through the lens on our camera phones.

Is this the way life should be?

So Delray Beach and dazzling larger than life Christmas tree….nope not this woke bitch! See you in December!


3 thoughts on “Can We Just Let It Breathe?!

  1. Wow, thanks for that reminder. Yes, I too, can be guilty of moving on past the moment, in a hurry, getting impatient, instead of “Let It Breath”. I think I have become more aware of, when I’m not being where my feet are and trying to appreciate what’s in front of me, (more often). From knowing all too well how short life is, I try so hard not to lose that moment of pure joy, or appreciate spending time with someone, to actually listen to what someone is saying instead of drifting off and thinking of what’s next or what am I going to say. I do dislike seeing Christmas everywhere already too. Even Hallmark is starting their Christmas movies next week. (One of my guilty pleasures), I refuse until the end of November! (Maybe?) Thanks & keep writing!

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    1. Life is too short! How’s your writing coming?


      1. My writing is, well, trying to sort out where to start. It’s a head full of stories, memories, words. The course is helping a little, I’m going to send something over to you soon!


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