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Riding the emotional roller coaster of “A Star Is Born”

Admittedly,  I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. There is nothing she’s put out that I don’t love, sing along to, have downloaded, or have watched. I even have a jean jacket emblazoned with her “Joanne” cover. So I recognize that I am biased.

But have you seen “A Star Is Born” starring her and Bradley Cooper. It is beautiful!

The love story, the struggle with personal demons- who hasn’t experienced those emotions?!

So as the movie ended and the credits rolled and my tears and sniffling slowed down, I pondered where my movie experience had taken me.

Can you imagine feeling so low, so inadequate and full of shame despite all of the unique and wonderful qualities that make you? You are so deep in a pit of despair that a viable solution is to remove yourself from this world? Because when you self hate and shame that intensely for that long you feel worthless and burdensome and hopeless. You question your very existence and the point of why you are here? You shake your fist in the air and scream cry why do I have to feel all of this pain?

Phew…project much, Melissa???

Here’s a reality check right out of that hole: What makes you think you are the worst human being in the world? What have you done so terrible? Absolutely nothing! Because you are not horrible. You are wonderful and beautiful and the world needs you and your gifts and your spirit.  We need you and your energy and love and light and potential.

To the readers who know me: Shocked, surprised, taken aback by my bold confession? Sorry, not sorry.

In the words of the Queen of fearless self expression herself- “I’m just shape shifting again.”


3 thoughts on “Riding the emotional roller coaster of “A Star Is Born”

  1. OK so I had to go see A Star is Born before I could comment. Your words rang so true. I still have an emotional hangover, so beautifully tragic. A lot hit very close to home for me. Yes, I am not the disgusting scum I would tell myself I was. I hope I never forget to tell those I care about that I do. That I never take anything for granite. Thank you Melissa!


    1. It was an intense movie wasn’t it? I really enjoyed the movie though. They are both so talented!


  2. Saw it last week. Soooooooo sad. I’m still recovering 😢


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